Turn off thermostat when outside temp goes below threshold

I currently have my thermostat go to energy savings mode when I am away and normal mode when I am not away.

I don’t often run the AC, so I manually turn it on when I feel like it.

However, I’d like to turn the AC off when the outside temp goes below inside temp. I know how to make the variables for the devices, but what I am stuck on is this…

Do I just set an action / condition to turn thermostat off when outside temp goes down? If I do that, won’t it turn on when the temp goes up?

You would have to have a separate condition/action to turn the thermostat back on.

Thanks Richard.

So let’s say I have this:

IsHome and (InsideTemp > 82) and (OutsideTemp > InsideTemp) and (!LivingRoomWindow and !DiningRoomWindow)

Basically, the thermostat goes ON if I am home, the inside temp is > 82, and the outside temp is warmer than the inside temp and the living room and dining room windows are closed.

Let’s say these conditions are met, thermostat goes on. How often is that condition polled? For example, if the outside temp goes to 70, would the thermostat turn off?

Because if that is the case, then would I need a specific condition to turn it off?

It’s not polled.
It’s evaluated everytime an input changes

i.e. a Temperature changes, a window is opened or closed, or your isHome inoput changes.