Turn off Alerts on Armed devices (VeraEdge)

I am having a problem with getting alerts everytime motion is detected in a sensor that is armed.

I do not have any alerts turned on for the device and also checked to see if there are generic alerts settings that would cause me to get an alert for armed devices.

Can someone help me get this turned off? I used Armed or Unarmed to determine whether or not lights should be turned on. This is making it not be possible as I can’t get an alert every time someone walks in the room.

Does this look familiar?

It sure does!!! I hadn’t checked out the modes view since I started adding devices, sure enough - that was the culprit!

Thank you very much.

BTW - I did try searching and as I read through that post you shared, I didn’t see a keyword I was searching on that would have triggered it to come up in the results.

thank you, I had not looked at the modes view on the dashboard either

I use veraalerts, so wanted to disable all those emails