Turn off alarm when phone is disconected from charger

I want to create the following scene:
As soon as I disconnect my phone from the charger (and thus, powerusage gets belowX) the alarm system should be turned off…

I have created a scene in Vera that does that, the only problem is that when the alarm system is turned on withouth any phone connected to the charger, it also automaticly runs the scene to turn the alarmsysem off again. How to solve that? ???

Lookup “Conditional Scene Logic”

Or PLEG … the sequence operator (Sequence of events) will be useful here.

thank you for your reply. What would be the scene logic? ??? IF usage below X, turn off alarm system. But what about te other part to make sure it does not turn if off when de phone has not been connected at all?

You have to look at the time of events and use that in our logic.

PLEG makes that east with sequence expressions.

How about using Tasker on the phone to create a profile for on charge at night.

You could them use AutoVera to turn a virtual switch in vera to set all your modes/alarm etc.

That way you could use the same tasker rules to set modes on your phone like a quiet time etc.