Trying to use the weather status in a trigger

I’m not sure if this is a PLEG or a Wunderground Weather issue, but I’ll start here I guess.

I created a PLEG trigger pointing to my World Weather device and chose:
Event Type = Weather Conditions (Group)
Condition Group = Device: Condition Group is ‘Snow’

Basically I want the trigger to fire if any type of snow is happening. Well it’s snowing and my trigger is still false. When I check the variables on the World Weather device the Condition is Snow but the ConditionGroup is snow. Note the lower case “s” in the group.

I know this kind of trigger works in general because I have one for condition group ‘Freezing Rain/Sleet’ and that one works.

I guess my first question is if PLEG triggers would be case sensitive like this? And if so does anyone know how to fix this? When editing the trigger properties everything is from a drop-down list so I can’t change snow to Snow from there.

If all else fails I can create triggers for all the permutations of snow the weather app knows about but I’d rather not do that.


Please POST a STATUS report in PDF format so we can see exactly what you did.

Hi Richard,

Attached is a PDF of the PLEG Status report with all the non-related stuff removed.

I did some digging into the D_Weather.json file and I don’t think the problem is with PLEG doing a case sensitive comparison. I have no idea how to write a json file but I do a fair bit of coding and it looks to me like the “Device: Condition Group is ‘Snow’” is just a text/display value and that the actual name of that group is “snow”.

I’m not sure where to go next but it’s supposed to snow on Saturday I think so I can do some more testing then.


Have you tried to trigger a Vera scene with the equivalent trigger of tSnow ?

If it triggers and PLEG does NOT … then it could be that Vera’s definition of the “IS” operator in triggers is case insensitive.
But I am not prepared to assume that until you can demonstrate that it’s true.

You might add a Device Property to monitor the: ConditionGroup
I would only ever see snow maybe once a year … So I can’t test this … but in my case the value is ALL LOWER CASE: cloudy

You might try setting the trigger to LOWER CASE : snow
They may not be consistent in their use of case.

The other thing I would do (and this would show us and yourself in the status report) is not to use the trigger like you are but
Use the Device Properties (next to schedules)

pick your device as “world weather”, set your device variable to “condition”, click the accept and it will show you what the current condition is and how its spelled out.

In your condition you would use your device property name (one you created) I’ll say “Weather” for this example.

(Weather eq "Freezing Rain/Sleet") or (Weather eq "snow") or (Weather eq "Snow")

They have to be spelled out exactly the same and if they change how it’s worded or spelled then it will not match and the condition will be false. But you will see the current condition (and how its spelled or worded in your “Status” report) so you can make adjustments as needed.