Trying to run an scene form a HTTPS url request with UI7

For my old veraLite with UI5 I had a bookmark that I click to open my house or do some stuff form my phone without having to launch the slow Vera app.
The sintax that I had was:
I’m getting invalid password, but I’m sure password is okay. I even eliminated the special chars to avoid HTML encoding.

However I tried that with the UI7 and is not working. Any help?
Thank you,

There is no easy way to do this.
Because of security improvements it s a multi-step process to gain access to the remote access servers since UI6.

You really need to write an app to handle he protocol. If you really want to look up the derails do a search for a topic that I wrote that has “My Notes” in the topic header.

Unfortunately this has completely changed and requires full authentication to occur for UI7 (which is quite complex).

I would say this is not really possible for you, as you need to get an dev app id, among many things. (Other then handling the whole protocol, as Richard said), your only way is if you are able to connect to the local wifi? If you are, then just strip out the username etc for the local IP:


I have an easier working solution for this. I send a message to my Particle Photon which resides on my LAN via their REST interface, and then have my photon send an local network request based on my veras IP. Works great. This way I can have other non-vera devices trigger a scene.

for instance, here is a variable get sent on my LAN. you could easily run a scene as well