Trying to get Scene Controller working


Apologies if this question is in the wrong place.

I’m currently testing a scene controller - a keyfob - Working With Deconz Hubitat Conbee II Zigbee Control Keyfob with Arm/Disarm/Stay Arm/ SOS 4 Buttons Zigbee Remote Key|Alarm Remote Controller| - AliExpress. I’ve got one that isn’t tied to a particular gateway device or anything that I can tell. I’ve managed to pair it (over Zigbee) with the controller, and it appears as a device. I had to change device_file, device_json, category_num to match a proper scene controller (D_SceneController1.xml, D_CentralSceneController1.json, 9) to make it a scene controller.

This all seemed to work OK, and Vera sees the device and you can configure the buttons for different scene’s.

The problem is, when I press a button on the keyfob, I get an error message like “Incorrect PIN code entered. Access denied”

Now whilst this isn’t formally supported by the vendor or Vera, I was hoping to get something working, otherwise may end up doing something else…

I have tried researching this error message and plenty of other things, but can’t find any reference to what might be causing this.

Was hoping that someone here might have a clue about what/how to setup the PIN properly, or at least make it work! I’m pretty much out of ideas for now.

Vera Plus, firmware 1.7.5186(7.31)

Have just dug through the logs and found:

02 07/27/22 17:44:24.685 Zigbee::handleGenericMessage Join received status: 0x00, decision: 0x03, newId: 0x9447, Mac: 5c0272fffeed2230 <0x76640520>
02 07/27/22 17:44:24.685 Zigbee::handleGenericMessage Device Basic found. Handling Leave message, Marking it as responsive <0x76640520>
01 07/27/22 17:44:25.027 ZigbeeZDOHandler::HandleZDOMessage wrong size 12 cluster 0x0013 <0x76640520>
02 07/27/22 17:44:25.027 Zigbee::handleGenericMessage ZDO Profile 0x0000, cluster 0x0013, <0x76640520>
01 07/27/22 17:44:25.028 ZigbeeZDOHandler::HandleZDOMessage wrong size 12 cluster 0x0013 <0x76640520>

Am now wondering if this is an exercise in futility…?

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Hello @slangnz!

Do you have by any chance the reference of the keyfob? The AliExpress link doesn’t provide a device reference to work with. If you can check it perhaps on the label and let us know that’d be highly appreciated!

Additionally to that, if you can enable remote access on your controller so we can take a look and send the remote access code to me via PM, we’ll try to investigate and see what we can find out.

Hey there.

Thanks so much for the reply.

Here is the error message that I see when I press a button.


I have examined the controller. There is nothing on it to reference that I can see. The back of it simply states

Smart Remote Controller
Battery Model: CR2032
Networking: Zigbee 3.0

There is nothing under the battery cover either. The manual refers to M420-73Ever1.0

After much research and checking, I had thought it should work given it’s Zigbee 3 and not tied to another manufacturer hub etc. It’s certainly close. And being Zigbee we don’t have the frequency constraints and it’s quite cheap (compared to other options anyway…)

Will PM you as well.

Cheers -

Both Tuya and Heiman make that remote: here is a link to the Heiman product: Smart Remote Control_PRODUCT_Shenzhen Heiman Technology Limited While they have a “Document” for download on that site, it is less than helpful.

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Does a Vera hub even support fully Zigbee 3.0. Thought they were only Zigbee 1.2 HA.

You might be better off using a ZWave scene controller device instead.

Hi @slangnz,

Certainly, there’s not much information about this keyfob. The manufacturer provides little to no documentation about it and the fact that this device is ZigBee 3.0 and not ZigBee 1.2 HA makes things quite difficult. You can check the ZigBee features of Vera controllers on this page.

This device doesn’t seem to have certification either on the Connectivity Standard Alliance official webpage.

The device seems to be properly configured except for a cluster that has the incorrect size.

01      07/29/22 7:45:50.105    ZigbeeZDOHandler::HandleZDOMessage wrong size 12 cluster 0x0013 <0x76640520>
10      07/29/22 7:45:50.105    ZigbeeJobHandler::receiveFrame No Job consumed the frame <0x76640520>
10      07/29/22 7:45:50.105    Zigbee::handleGenericMessage Msg received, ProfileId: 0x0000, ClusterId: 0x0013 <0x76640520>
02      07/29/22 7:45:50.105    Zigbee::handleGenericMessage ZDO Profile 0x0000, cluster 0x0013, <0x76640520>
10      07/29/22 7:45:50.106    Zigbee::handleGenericMessage found 0x9447 in Device Table, EUI: 5c0272fffeed2230 <0x76640520>
10      07/29/22 7:45:50.106    Zigbee::handleGenericMessage device: 129 Configured: 1 <0x76640520>
01      07/29/22 7:45:50.106    ZigbeeZDOHandler::HandleZDOMessage wrong size 12 cluster 0x0013 <0x7664052

This is the description of the cluster that is being affected.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can really do to configure the value that is affecting the cluster. Since ZigBee is quite more limited than Z-Wave in terms of configurations, we don’t really have the freedom to change the device parameters as most Z-Wave devices are capable of.

Thanks. Next hub will be Zigbee 3 anyway, so will keep until then.

Cheers -

The Ezlo Plus hubs are Zigbee 3.0

I have some Zigbee devices paired with mine.