Trying to BRIDGE 2 VERA LITE's

I have a second Vera that is on the same network and I am able to connect to the second Vera (slave) directly. However, when I go to Devices/Add Devices/UPNP…I run the scan and the Master comes back with a long list of devices on my network but no sign of the other Vera Lite?

My intention is to set the second Vera up in a detached building that will have other zwave devices and on the same network.

Can anyone give any suggestions for why the slave is not appearing?



I did exactly this for a while but then gave up on bridging. However, to achieve it in the first place I actually had to put a ticket in to MCV. Exactly same symptoms as yours… just couldn’t see it.

I have 100 Z-Wave devices.

  • 25 are on the “Main” unit Vera3. I also have all my 20+ plugins on this device. Z-Wave motion sensors and locks also run from here.
  • 75 door/window/security/switch/dimmer is on the bridged “Secondary” unit Vera Lite. Only plugin PLEG for items that don’t need the master units interaction with plugins. For example, important things, like when you open a sliding glass door a contact sensor is tripped, and the star trek “swoosh” is played over the ceiling speakers…or more if the alarm is armed.

These have separate Z-Wave network ID’s in this mode. Vera is not acting as a secondary controller of your Z-Wave devices.

Basically, you add the ‘secondary’ vera unit to the ‘main’ unit, thus allowing all the devices of the secondary unit to be shown as devices on the primary unit. You can then turn on these devices from the main unit scenes or PLEG. This happens by enabling UPNP on BOTH devices, even though after 15 minutes, you’ll only add the ‘secondary’ unit from your ‘main’ unit.

I didn’t have to add a ticket to MCV, but after I gave up on their 3 week old ticket and constant reboots, factory reset and split the network.

Way to stick it out and make it happen AgileHumor…

Was hoping I could make it happen over the weekend too ;o)

When you say “enable” UPNP on both devices…??
What are you doing to enable?


First, I recommend you set static IP’s first on both devices in network settings.

Devices > Add >uPNP

Check box on next page and save.

Wait 15 minutes return to same page (you can browse to other pages in the meantime), click next while the checkbox to enable uPNP should show up. Look for a device called MiosXXXXXXX that should match your expected IP of the secondary device.

No luck my friend…same thing, many other devices appear in the device list for both units. The same list in both but none contain MIOS or Vera Units. Will try more this weekend or perhaps give them a call or email. The two units have different MIOS accounts…could that be an issue? MIOS site locked me out for 48 hrs as I had forgotten the password for the site login but have it now. They have a 48 hr block on the login though.

i drove myelf crazy trying. I opened a trouble ticket and they did it in a day

Feeling the pain bulldog…never opened one before…fingers crossed :o)

Thanks guys

Make sure that there is no router/firewall between the two Vera’s. They need to be on the same IP subnet.

Also, if you are using a switch with any sort of management of configurability, the switch must be configure to pass mutlicast frames. Some managed switches have multicast disabled by default. If you think this is your issue, see this thread.

Both units on the same switch, unmanaged…odd because they both see all the same devices on the network, jast not each other…weird

make sure the switch doesn’t filter UPnP or multicast … or try with a different switch …

Can’t seem to find any mention of UPnP at all in the switch manual. Unfortunately, this is the only type of switch I have on hand at the moment. Attached link to manual but I can’t see anything about it. Would such an issue still allow me to see all the other UPnP dives? There are probably 15 or so on the network and the exact same list appears on both Vera Lite’s

I don’t think it’s the switch based on your description of the switch config.

Can you get to the UPNP device selection on both Vera’s? I only ask because that would verify uPNP is enabled on both devices correctly.

Other than that, and a static IP, I’m out suggestions for the easy stuff. Hopefully someone can give some fresh eyes and additional suggestions.

What type of router do you have? Sonicwalls Block Muticast also :frowning: and are a very big pain!

The router is just the one built into the cable modem…Comcast Xfinity is the best I can get in my location. The model of the router that shows up in the UPnP list of devices is Arris TG862.

Attached is the only page in the routers config that I could find that refered to UPnP…


WOW… SO, I can’t believe I did not notice this already…so simple UGH
Opened a ticket this afternoon, by the evening the bridge was completed by Tech Support.
Nice turn around time and very professional tech.

SW versions… (slap myself in the side of the head)

The new “Slave” is on UI6…Existing “Master” was still UI5…
That was causing me many issues actually for those that might could use the info.
I couldn’t access or add the secondary account on my existing account either.
See below for explanation.

Comment from support:
The new UI6 is implemented to work with new servers. MMS Vera is working only with UI6 firmware. Vera Mobile won?t work with UI6, but it is working with UI4 and UI5. Also an UI5 account is not valid on UI6. Therefor you can?t have the same account on a unit with UI5 and on a unit for UI6.

Not sure why I wouldn’t want to just be on UI6 for both but checking into that too ;o)
I only use the Authomation App on the android rare I use anything on the iPad but maybe the new MMS Vera would be good on it though.

Any thoughts?

Make sure that you are using the alpha build of AutHomation to receive support for UI6 / MMS support.

  • Garrett

Will do…

Trying to decide if I want to downgrade secondary to UI5 or Primary up to UI6…
Want both on same ver



So, I downgraded my second unit to UI5, both units on same FW V allowed me to migrate both units to a single account, the devices are shown in the second unit devices and first unit. Works like a champ!! Now, when I open gate and pull down my drive, outside lights on home and detached light up. Awesome!! Much more planned but that was the biggie I wanted to do first.

I really hope to get it working with GPS, other than the interface, that’s the really cool thing I like about the Fibaro unit. Was looking at buying it but for $700 per unit and all the blood sweat and tears I have into my Vera setup, will keep what I have :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all your help guys!!