Trouble with command/timer in a scene

I have a scene with one command/timer that is supposed to turn a light on and off. The timer works and turns the light on at the set time however, the light does not turn off at the ‘after 5 hours’ command.

I’ve played around with the time in the command and the light will go on and off automatically as long as the command is set to an amount of time that is less than one hour (5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes). Once I set the command to turn off for a period of time that is longer than an hour, the command does not appear to run as the light will not turn off.

Has anyone else had this problem, any suggestions, ideas, solutions?

Thank you.

I find I have problems with the timer turning things off if I have been making any (unrelated) changes to Vera or other scenes after the scene has been activated, someone else has pointed out in the past that it is more reliable for “shutoff” to simply have a second scene with a timer turn off the device instead of using the “after 2 hours off” function

If Vera reboots for any reason, all timers are reset.

Which is why it is recomended to use a second scene (as stated above), especially if the time delay is long.

i agree - create a 2nd scene to turn off the light.

But can anyone explain why Vera is routinely rebooting? I’ve changed all my delayed commands in scenes to 30 minutes or less but there are still times when the delayed action never happens. Vera rebooting certainly does explain it - I’m just not clear what is causing Vera to reboot. Any insight on this?

Any timer more than 45 minutes has always been an issue for me. Heres my thinking. Personally I think that Vera cannot keep that event in memory long enough to carry out the command.

How many devices do you have?


Not that many devices - 20 or so. I have a feeling that my Vera (a Vera1) is periodically rebooting and if it reboots between the start of a scene and when the delayed command should occur, the delayed command never happens.

The other thing is that I cannot seem to see any of the logs with UI4. The Advanced - Logs panel shows no links to log files. So I don’t actually know of a way to check when Vera is rebooting. What am I missing?

A small point: Vera rebooting is just one way that Vera looses timers. There may be other ways it can loose them as well.

I cannot help you with UI4, since I am still on UI2. This is how I get to the log files using UI2:

From the Setup page of Vera, press the Advance button.

Press the “Net & WiFi” link.

Press the “Advanced Configuration” link. Vera opens a new tab (page).

Press the “System” link (on the new page).

Press the “File Editor” link. A file system browser will appear.

Press the Var directory, then the Log directory, then the cmh directory (i.e. navigate to “/var/log/cmh”).

Right click on the LuaUPnP.Log file, and do a “Save As” to your local drive (i.e. download the file).

Open the downloaded file with a text editor program such as Notepad.

I do not know if UI4 would allow this procedure or not.