Trouble wiring 4-way zwave Dragon Tech switch

Hi Everyone. I just recently started wiring zwave switches for my new home. It is a brand new home. So far I have all of them working, except for a 4-way.

I am using Dragon Tech switches. Two WA-100 3 way Auxiliary switches, and one WD-100 in wall dimmer.

I am not an electrician and have limited experience.

3 boxes.

Box A and C

2 black wires
1 Red
Copper ground

Box B

2 black wires
2 Red
Copper ground

Box A and C I used the auxiliary switches. I did not connect the black wires, and did not connect them either. I connected the traveler, copper ground, and added the neutral.

Box B the switch I am using has a load, neutral, secteur line, traveler and ground.

The issue I am having are the 2 traveler lines, and I only have 1 connection on the switch for this, what to do with the extra wire? Am I using the right switch for this?

I have not been able to get it to work yet. I have searched, however I have not come across the same issue I am having.

Thank you for your help.


First, it is impossible for anyone on the internet to know how your circuit is actually wired. There are many different ways to configure the wiring and color does not necessarily correspond with function.

You need to positively identify the function of each of your wires. You must know which wire is Line, Load, Neutral, and Traveler. Again, color may not mean what you think it means and in multi-way circuits with standard switches, the function of the wire changes with switch position.

But based on what you have described, which may be inaccurate, I think you have a circuit where the Line comes in at one end(Box A or C), passes via traveler cables through Box B, and then the Load exits the far end at the remaining Box. See the attached diagram(sorry for the quality) for what I think you have and how it would need to be wired.

Again, you must positively identify the wires and if you’re not up to that task you should get someone who is(electrician) to help you. Doing it incorrectly could cause damage to your switches, damage to your house, injury, or even death.

I agree with Z-Waver, and his picture, and I went through the same stuff at my house, although only with 3-way, not 4…

The ONLY way I could definitively tell which box was wired to the panel was to remove ALL the switches, and leave the wires hanging out bare, and then turn the circuit breaker on. (BE CAREFUL!) At each box, test for voltage. At ONLY one box, you should find that ONE of the black wires has voltage on it (when tested to a white neutral or green ground). The other 2 outlet boxes should have NO power. If that is true then you can probably trust the wire colors in your boxes and follow his picture.

From there, you know the one black wire that had power is the one that needs to be connected to the line on the master switch. ALL of the other black wires should be capped off, and then the whites and reds should all be connected together like Zwaver’s picture shows.

I’ve installed 3 or 4 pairs of these switches, and they’re all working great…

Good luck and be careful… If you’re not comfortable with ANY part of this, I recommend hiring an electrician to at least show you how to do the first set you install…


A lot depends on the location of your source.

This website provides a few wiring scenarios of 4-way switches. If you have option #1, then z-wave switches won’t work in this case. But if you have option#2 then you can use the z-wave switches.

I’ve included a wiring diagram that will be useful for when you are ready to wire z-wave switches

Thanks everyone, I figured out why it was not working. In box A and C I connected the black wires and now it works good.