Trouble setting up - Halfway there

Got your app working but had me scratching my head trying to figure it out. Id suggest adding a mini walkthrough link on the google playstore with the app.

Where to add the device id, the names are different example Vera Alert ID in Vera App, but in the Android app it is labeled Device Identifier. It’s simple but if changed people will click a lot faster instead of guessing first go.

Then I setup a simple notification for turning a light switch on. However it takes up to 60 seconds for the device to be polled to send a notification to my phone. So I figured that isn’t how most people would be using it =P I then went to the vera wiki and found associations. I tried to set the association of the device to group 1 and then set it to the vera, failed. I then tried to set it to “associate” with the light switch, failed.

Is there a step I’m missing or am I doing it the wrong way?

Also every now and then my phone receives a notification “Vera Startup” what triggers this notification and can I turn it off?

I consider my self tech savy but this is my first month of Automation and still much to learn.

About the Vera startup, there is a check box under settings you need to toggle to disable it.

Actually you need to toggle both of the settings in the Settings page … the default values shown are not actually set until explicitly set … This bug will be fixed soon.

How about making a momentary button press trigger a notification as soon as pressed?

If you’re talking light switches you may need ones that support instant status. Personally all alerts fire off for me near instantly.

Most switches will only report changes in status … If the switch is on and you press the on button it does not report that back to Vera.

Ok changed to instant status. Wish I picked this up earlier…

Found the Parameters for my dimmer to change on the Aeotec Dimmer Australian version.

80 for instant notifications > 1

3 for overload protection > 1

Must save as 1 byte Hex to change value I found.

Thanks guys all working “instantly” now =)

Just trying to work out the picture and video option. I keep getting Download Error. Im using a generic camera setup, grabbing highres jpeg’s as my camera does not support mpeg streaming.

Sorry for all the posts.

Working now. Have no idea how but I uninstalled app and entered all my credentials manually working flawlessly now.

Anyone have trouble instead of re entering settings in app try reinstalling it again.