Triggers all undefined since upgrade to 7.0.11

Hi Richard

I upgraded to 7.0.11 /1.7.1419 yesterday and something strange has happened to PLEG

In every PLEG device the the triggers are showing as undefined. I have attached the status report for your info.

Now what’s really strange is that the triggers are still firing as normal

I cannot add any triggers as when i try to add a device it only shows the rooms not the devices. Again i have attached a screenshot for your info.

So i am assuming this is caused by the upgrade, but i had no reason to look at PLEG until i wanted to add a device today.

I have tried a restarted Vera and that has not made any difference.

Hi Richard,

Just like to echo the same has happened to me since this upgrade.

Look at device status - despite description being undefined they are showing a mix of true or false which are updating appropriately it would seem…

Simply UI issue??


There are now multiple threads on this.

Yes this is a MCV bug in the UI … If you need to edit your PLEG devices … than move back.

Your existing/unedited PLEG devices should continue to work correctly.