Triggering scene with SceneNameOrNumber?


I am trying to get PLEG to run scenes. I have added my instance of PLEG under Actions → Edit → Advanced and then RunScene.

I have entered the scene number from the Automation → Scenes tab in Vera but I still can’t get it to work. I have also tried the name of the scene. Using a VS to check out the settings.

Attached are screenshots of the Automation tab and the Advanced tab in PLEG.


I always use Numbers and never have a problem

Are you sure your Condition tied to that Action is returning True?

Well, I tried first to use a simple action of turning off a light. That worked. I also had BOTH actions for a while but only the light turned off.

Down’t use the PLC as the device for running a scene … use your PLEG device.

Alas! Such a silly mistake! :S Now everything works like it should! Thanks RichardTSchaefer!

Another scene related question… Is it possible to make an input to trigger something when a scene is activated? I have something called “_Scene Controller” amongst my devices under Inputs, but I can’t seem to have this recognize when a specific scene is activated even though the correct scene number is filled in.

There isn’t any built-in way to have a scene trigger PLEG. The simple solution is to have the scene(s) set a VirtualSwitch or MultiSwitch which can be used as a trigger in PLEG. If you use VirtualSwitch, you would need PLEG to turn it off. MultiSwitch can be set so the switch turns off automatically after a short pulse.