Trigger is not being saved.

Im playing with openluup/Altui and looks great but for me a simple thing does not work , saving triggers :

When i make a new scene and make a new trigger for example (daytime) night has arrived, and then make an action / turn on a specific light.
After pressing submit i go back to the scene list and open this scene again, then i see that there is no trigger (0), the action is being saved.
Also in the more/triggers tab there are no triggers.
What is wrong?
I made some devices and installed some plugins and that works great.

Nothing is wrong. If you check the user guide, you’ll see that openLuup does not implement Vera’s UPnP-based triggers. AltUI provides a far better alternative in terms of device variable watch triggers. So use that button in preference on the scene page when defining triggers.

You can use a blockly-based editor if you like, or even move to the more sophisticated workflow concept recently developed.


As always thanks for your very fast answer!
Im gonna read how to work with the watch - blockly and/or workflow options.