Trigger a scene when a phone connects to home wifi?

I’m finding the Geo location features on Vera very hit and miss. Especially trying to get it to recognize two phones and act when the last one leaves and the first one arrives. Sometimes it works fine but all too often all the lights go out when my wife is still at home, and even worse the alarm gets activated and she has to suffer the sound of the siren going off.

I’m thinking it might be more reliable to trigger scenes when either phone joins or leaves the home network. I have good range on the wifi so the phone should join the network as I walk up the drive.

Is there a way to trigger a scene based on an iPhone joining or leaving the network?

There’s nothing that will do this directly, but there are options. This thread:,37448.0.html discusses using the Unifi controller (Java software) to what you want. The plug-in might provide some insight for you to roll your own if you don’t have a Unifi set-up. This plug-in, Site Sensor, might also be useful:,50440.0.html

It’s good that you’ve verified that your phones will connect to your Wi-Fi before you enter the house. In case this is an issue, you might also check when they drop Wi-Fi as you leave.

The most simple way would be to give the phone a DHCP reservation for a IP address in your static range. Then use the PING sensor plug-in to detect it is responding at that address… I am not sure I would want the alarm based on this. I prefer to use a z-wave deadbolt…

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