Trigger a Scene by Email?

Is there a way (plugin?) to trigger a scene in Vera by an email message?

When some event happens on my NAS server, I can have it send out an email message. I would like that email message to be a trigger to Vera to run a Scene like turn on all the lights and turn on the siren.

Not directly, but AFAIK openluup has a native smtp server, to get similar messages from cams.

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Do you know, I was delaying making this comment myself until there were some other solutions offered!

This would, of course, require a local installation of openLuup running somewhere. But, depending on your NAS, it might support that. Some folk have created Docker installations for just such a configuration.

Once received by the openLuup system, it could kick off any scene you like, either locally under openLuup or on a linked Vera. Installation on something like a RPi is very straight-forward too.

You could of course write your own implementation, I did several times in several languages, but your mileage may vary. Openluup is the perfect companion to a Vera, so I vote for start exploring it.

It can send an email message but cannot send an http url? Mine a (QNAP) can and I have been using that. It seems like sending an email is much more involved than an http get but… interesting.

yeah openLuup has become more than a companion to the vera… It’s the center of my entire system making the vera a mere device bridge which I am trying to replace due to its instability.

Have you considered the cloud? This will work: Email > AWS Simple Email Service (SES) > AWS S3 > AWS Lambda > HTTP GET of Vera scene.