Trending Energy Consumption and Power Data

Hi guys,

I’m just diving into using your system and I was wondering, is there a way to gain access to power data trended for the energy charts? If I could get it into excel, it would really help me with understanding my energy use patterns.



Currently, we offer really nice graphs on the server for live and historical energy usage. If your devices can report the energy usage, Vera will detect that. If not, you can simply enter the value for each device in Watts and it will graph the data for you.

I have the Trane Z-Wave thermostat and on the stat there is a Usage graph, but I have not found a way to get Vera to see any of that data. Any way to do this?

Hi mcvovidiu,

The graphs are helpful, but what’s real cool about this system is that you can document your energy consumption don’t to details that would bring tears to the eye’s of my OC friends. If we could get to this data in an excel spreadsheet, it would be a huge selling point. Any help getting to/developing that data would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and the trended temperature data from the trane t-stat would be a huge help too.