Transfer complete setup from Plus to Edge?

Hi folks,
I plan to move house soon and want to take my Vera Plus with me but leave a fully functioning system behind.
I had a Vera Edge which I upgraded to the Plus. At the time I rebuilt my whole system but I don’t want to have to do that again. Some of the devices are behind panels and are a pain to get to so I don’t want to have to include them again.
Is it possible to backup my system on a Plus and re-load it back on to the Edge. I guess I will need to buy a new Pleg licence as I did not have that originally but I would not want to re-build scenes unless I have to.

This should not be a problem, though I have not tested this precise scenario.

[ul][li]Perform backup of your Z-Wave network.[/li]
[li]Then perform a backup of your Vera Plus.[/li]
[li]Power off your Vera Plus.[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Restore your backup to the Vera Edge, making sure to also Restore Z-Wave network.[/li]
[li]Test with the Edge.[/li][/ul]

If everything is working and there is no further desire to run the Plus, you can perform a factory reset on the plus.

If you plan to transfer the now operational Edge to a different Vera account, such as one for the new home owner, then contact support for that part.

I hoped it was as simple as that but thought that with the extra facilities on the Plus that it might not work that way.
I will try it this coming weekend and feedback my results here.
Fingers crossed.

Personally I’d just save yourself a huge amount of pain and buy a Vera secure to start again with in the new house.

I don’t use locks and have no alarm system to link to so I can’t see any need for a Secure. The Plus has always worked fine for me. The only bug I have is the ZRC-90 reports not found but it always works so who cares. Even the Edge worked fine for me but I went for the plus for the extra memory for when I expand and get more aps. I am hoping that the Bluetooth and Zigbee will become useful one day too.

Then my sentiment stands, buy a new plus for the new house

I do not thing you can restore the Z-Wave network from Plus to Edge …
I think the Edge used the old Z-Wave chip.

This was my worry and reason for asking. I know when I moved from Edge to Plus it didn’t matter because I wanted the opportunity for a clean start again and removing and re-adding was a useful task. Now everything is running nicely though I don’t want to have to go back to scratch. Fortunately I have the opportunity to try it first. If that fails I will ask Miscaverde if they have a method. If all else fails I suppose I may have to leave the Plus and re-start the new house using the Edge as long as it copes. Unless BT and Zigbee become more supported I may never need to change.

Another question on the same thread.
When I transfer the system to the new owner, can I be added as a guest user for a couple of months. If so, would this enable me to provide support by modifying Pleg etc.
Hopefully it could be done in such a way that the new owner could turn on/off access so that I couldn’t be blamed if something happened which was not down to me.

You can add the new user as a person with full access …
Either can remove the other …

Hi Slartibartfast,

As Z-Waver mentioned, restoring on VeraEdge a full backup created on Plus, will do just fine and won’t cause any issues. These two units share same platform and z-wave generation. So don’t migrate/transfer using controller shift, just restore a backup.

Issues occur only with controller shifted setups. Like the one required between older platform units (Vera3/Lite → Edge/Plus/Secure)

@John M
Thanks for the confirmation. Good to know.