trane tstat showing wrong fan mode in ui4

Got my vera ui4 in a confused state. ui4 webpage is showing trane tstat fan mode as ON. The tstat is set to Auto. I have tried switching fan mode via ui4 to on, auto, and while the tstat responds to the request, the webpage still shows fan mode as on. I have gone to the tstat, set mode to auto, told vera to poll the device and the ui still shows on. Its very confused about the fan mode state. Other than delete and add the tstat again, how can i get this beast to display the actual fan mode. This had been working for months with no problems.


This is a known bug. You will notice that it actually displays correctly on the phone UI.
Also, there is a bug for showing the comma delimited watt values for this T-stat.


I had searched the bug lists and could not find one where it gets the state of the fan confused. Just #920 referencing the third mode for ‘cycle fan’, and #1228 energy usage. Which # were you referencing?



Thanks!.. I knew it had to be there somewhere! I searched on trane again and it didnt show.

Guess the search only hits certain fields or is not perfect. I tried searching on trane trane/schlage and schlage and it still didn’t show.

bump for a fix, for some reason ticket #1306 seems to be lost… it shows up int he direct link, but does not display when all issues are viewed?

I first reported this on July 7th!!! Ugh…

bump… hello MCV where is this issue? I understand it is just a display issue but 5 months for a fix?

To go with this, I currently have my system set in EHEAT and it shows that the system is Off, when I know it’s not. But I can also confirm the issue with the Fan showing On.