Trane tstat and boiler/radiators

I’m looking at replacing an existing tstat that is battery powered, and hooked up using 2 wires.
There is no A/C, no fan, just a boiler that drives steam radiators throughout the house.

I did pull the cover off the boiler, and there is a 24v connection. Running new wire for the necessary power conductors should not be a problem.

So, assuming I can wire it up correctly, is there any reason this tstat won’t work for me? The installation manual was a little vague. Something like “may or may not work on boilers”.

Thanks in advance.

should work fine, is the existing thermostat using the R and W connections?

Looks like I just need to get a COM connection from the boiler to the tstat and I’d be all set.

Electronic copies of the user and install manuals can be found here and should help confirm this will work for you.

Manual :

Install :