Trane Thermostat to trigger device when running?

I’m installing a booster inline fan in the attic to a duct that feeds to one of my Master Bedroom ceiling HVAC vents. I’ve setup a scene that will trigger on and off based on when a specific temperature is reached, but it would make more sense to have a scene that would trigger the fan to come on and off as the system runs and stops. This would allow it to run through different seasons (or different temperature set points in general) without editing the scene’s temperature triggers every time.

Does anyone have any ideas or Luup they’ve developed for this type of thing already? ???

Thanks so much for the help,

Anyone? Please? :slight_smile:

There’s a Variable that tracks whether the Thermostat is currently in Heating, Cooling or Idle mode… but there doesn’t appear to be a built-in (declarative) Scene event for it. Some of the control points use this to display a T-Stat’s current state, or what it’s asking the Heating/Cooling unit to do “right now”

It looks like Vera’s Dashboard doesn’t use it, which is odd.

You’ll have to poll it periodically, making calls to [tt]luup.variable_get(…)[/tt], or register for “change-events” on it’s value and have a Lua function be called.

The Variable is:

Name: [tt]ModeState[/tt]
ServiceId: [tt]urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HVAC_OperatingState1[/tt]

It has values like: “[tt]Idle[/tt]”, “[tt]Cooling[/tt]”… I’m assuming it has ones like “[tt]Heating[/tt]” also…