Trane Thermostat Energy

I have two trane thermostats and one of the them shows power consumption (usually 34W). I was wondering if there was any setting that would enable the other one to show the same. Also since I have not seen the number fluctuate I presume it’s only indicating power consumed by the Thermostat not the HVAC unit itself. Any insights on what the number represents?

34W is obviously too low for a furnace and it’s too high for a thermostat. As far as I know, for Trane thermostats there is no power monitoring. I believe there’s usage monitoring in the thermostat natively, but I’m not sure about energy. I also don’t think the usage data can be picked up by Vera.

That said, You can input the information into Vera manually–just like you can for lots of devices. Click on the wrench for the thermostat, and on the tab for device details you can enter in the information for your unit. It’s been a while since I looked at it, but for HVAC, I think it’s H,C,F expressed in watts (heating,cooling,fan). I may have the order wrong, but if you search the wiki, I think it’s there.

You can do this for lights and other devices too. Just enter the value in watts.

Not sure where I’m getting the 34 from (checked and there’s nothing entered in the settings area). I’ll manually setup the values as you described :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch