Trane thermo - programming it

I got Vera and a Trane thermostat. I can adjust the temp with my phone or through the web interface. I am looking to setup some programming. To start, just simple turn down to this temp at this time and up at this time, etc. Of course, I can do that on the thermostat itself, but would rather use Vera. What is the best/easiest way to do this? I have done nothing in Vera yet in terms of automation.

I can created scenes for the various temp changes then set those to a schedule. It works well but I want to enhance it one of these days with triggers from motion sensors.

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I created a scene that changes the temp. I created a schedule. What is unclear to me is how I link the two. The documentation is very unclear.

Yes, create a few scenes that based on your preferred settings, changes the set points.

For example, one scene that runs MTWTF that at 08:00 when everyone has left the house and another scene that returns to your comfort set point at 17:00, just before you arrive home.

You can create an energy saving overnight schedule that adjusts the set point at 23:30 and returns to your comfort setting at 05:30.

Weekend Schedules, etc. etc…

Lots you can do with scenes and thermostats. And the effort will generally result in improved comfort and money savings.