Toggle Switch

I am a newbie and I am trying to gather devices for my home. Has anyone used the zen23 or zen24 from Zooz. I would like to use the toggle type switch if all possible. I have seen the GE ones listed but have also read about some controversies with them. Any suggestions on which switch everyone recommends? thanks

I know nothing about them but I note it does not mention instant status and with that price it is unlikely that it is included.
Perhaps they are selling off old non instant status before introducing new models with it.

thanks Slartibartfast, I will look for the ones that have the instant status. I have read that it is more popular than without.

it may just be worth asking the question. Perhaps they do have it but don’t mention it. It costs nothing to check.

I like my GE/jasco light switches.

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Thanks JasonJoel. I will look into those as well.

For all that may be interested. I did find out at least I read from another review that these switches (zen23) do report instant status to the vera. At least that is what they said. I cannot verify that yet until I try one.

Hi winger,

I was curious if you ever went ahead with these, specifically the dimmer version, and how you experience has been. I was looking at them on Amazon, but some people reported problems with use with LED lighting in the Amazon reviews. Things like the lights never being fully off and such.

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