Toggle Style dimmable switch

Has anyone found a dimmable switch that will dim LEDs fully or a in-line module.

My wife has decided she doesn’t want decora style switches.

The only way that I know of to use Z-Wave and toggle style switches is to use micro switches like the Aeon Labs Micro Illuminator. If you are outside the U.S. you might be able to get and use the Fibaro micro switch, which is even better.

Depending on the type and number(total watts) of the LEDs, it may be necessary to also use a resistor as a dummy load to avoid flickering. This topic is covered extensively, elsewhere on this forum.

You can try going the Insteon/Altsteon route. Get an Insteon ToggleLinc dimmer and an Insteon USB PLM to plug into Vera. There are both a relay and a dimmer version of the ToggleLinc which both fit behind a standard U.S. switchplate. I went with the relay version for one place in my house. The feel is somewhat soft and the reaction is not instantaneous. It didn’t really pass the WAF test. YMMV.

Were you using the built in Insteon support or Altsteon?

  • Garrett


I’m using Altsteon and the ToggleLinc Relay does work both as a controller and as a slave. However my WAF test was simply with it controlling a local load with no extra automation.

Micro Illuminators from Aeotec work in Australia very nicely. Dim up and down also remember their last dim level. With blue light on switch if needed, with clipsal.