Timers acting strange..reboot fixes it.

I’m having something similar happen to me as Duncan has posted. I have 3 z wave devices and I have 3 separate timers setup for each.

I have an Intermatic HA04C to control our outside holiday lights set to come on at 5:00PM.
I have a 2 Intermatic HA02C set to come on at 4:30PM and run for 5 hours then turn off.

What I’m seeing is that if I reboot Vera around 4PM the timers will work fine, but if I let it run through out the night, the timers won’t work the next day till I reboot the device.

I’ve also noticed that if I try and control any of the Intermatic devices during the day they won’t work till I reboot Vera.

Now I’ve upgraded to the new firmware .310 and I’ve turned logging on the device and can send that as soon as it happens again.

This is my first jump into HA so are there any setting I need to do on the Z wave side of things?



Matt, There’s no settings for the Z-wave. When you submit the form let me know and I’ll look into it.

I’ve applied the latest firmware and I haven’t had to reboot in over 24hrs. So hopefully that fixed the issue.

Now on the the next one. :slight_smile:

Vera has locked up on me a couple of times today. The latest was when trying to access the devices tab. Vera stopped responding and I had to reboot the device. Logs were submitted to tech support.

Can you clarify ‘locked up’? How did you submit the reports if Vera was locked up? Or did you submit them after rebooting? Was the web site totally dead and vera was dead? Unfortunately Vera doesn’t have a hard drive to store teh logs, so if it did die, the logs are gone when it reboots. We’re working to upgrade the Linux kernel in Vera to fix a possible issue causing lockups.

By lockup, I mean not responding to events and not responding when trying to connect via a web browser to its local IP address.

I didn’t realize that the log files were erased when rebooting, so I was submitting an error report after restarting the unit.

Well I’m hopeful the new kernel patch will solve this.