Timer-based Scenes not Running in 879

Ever since I upgraded Vera to firmware 1.0.879, I’ve noticed that two Timer-based scenes are not running.

Both scenes are enabled and are supposed to run Monday - Friday at set times, and the only command associated with each scene is “Set thermostat’s Cool temperature”.

Both scenes worked perfectly in firmware 616 (which I just upgraded from).

Figured I’d post this in case others have experienced the same problem over the last few days.

FYI, other scenes, that are all Event-based, continue to work as they should.

Did you create these scenes under the luup version or the old version. I noticed when I upgraded that several of my scenes did not work so I deleted them and recreated them under the new version.

In my case, I was being lazy and changed nothing after upgrading to 879. From what you say, it would pay for me to delete and then re-create the affected scenes, in 879.

(Scenes were created in 616, the pre-Luup firmware.)

My timer-based scenes worked in 1.0.843 and 1.0.862, but all timer-based scenes stopped working in 1.0.879 (scenes were migrated from 1.0.862 by the firmware upgrade process).

OK, just so everyone knows, I followed the suggestion(s) above, and deleted the non-working scenes in 879, then re-created them fresh.

They still are not activating at the set times.

I’m sure (hoping that!) this is something future firmware revisions will address.

Seems to be fixed in 1.0.886.

Is Findvera.com working in 886?


Sorry for being a bonehead, but where do I find 886? I’m a serious noob to Vera, but from reading around the forum, it seems this release will fix some of my issues with timers not firing…

jdeuel, please don’t sweat being a n00b. Most of us are, too!

Anyway, the current form of URL being used to tell Vera where to download new firmware from goes like this:


The one for .886, then, reads:


Yes, this firmware revision fixes some things, but as someone pointed out in another thread, seems to have broken the FindVera.com method of accessing Vera. (For me, that’s not a problem, since I access Vera only locally on my home network.)

Thank you!!! ;D

Appears bleeding edge is now 891 boys… Wonder what changed to require 5 revisions in the past couple of days? ???

Where in the world are you finding these releases? lol

I’ve made a pact with myself to ignore the lure of ‘hidden’ firmware updates, and wait for MCV to make their own official announcements. Beta is one thing; guinea pig is another thing entirely! :slight_smile:

However, I’d be the first to note that MCV folks aren’t coming around to the Forums as often as they used to (daily, at least) … it’s more like once a week now. Maybe gearing up for their appearance at CEDIA '09. Leaving us lab rats to answer each other’s questions.

I also am not planning to upgrade to the newer releases unless I need to and it is recommended, just seemed like interest here, so I thought I would pass it on ;D

Speaking of CEDIA if anyone is going give me a shout.

899 fixes some issues with timers. Actually it’s the dongle recall program that’s sapping a lot of our time.