Time trigger luup

Is it possible to have a scene triggered to run at a given time ?

I would like to check a few things at a specified time.

So the easyest way would be to have a scene (i guess) triggered by the time of the day or a date.

Just no clue how to do that.

Have a look at the attachments on this post, it should help you.


Not really (except i missed something)

As the trigger itself should be the time (not a device)

Devices can be turned on on many occasions, i just want to verify some settings at given time and run some actions based on that.

Like as example

At 2am
Relock all doors (regardless of the status), if away mode not active shut down some night-lights
And so on … All pretty basic, all i missing is how i use the time to trigger the scenestart

And i am not really a friend of plugins for such a basic thing.

At the moment i have the scene run on a 8 hour delay with the night event, but that is not really a nice way to do that.

In your example, you are not looking for a rigger but rather scheduling an event.

New Scene > SCHEDULES > Add schedule > Day of week based > (Give our schedule a name as required)
Select the days you want the schedule to run and the time you want this to be executed.

You can verify future schedules from the Dashboard. The is a list of both Triggers and Upcoming Schedules.

oh yes i’m so stupid !

thanks for the hint … got it

Not stupid… Everyday is a school day and the day I stop learning is the day I stop living.

Have a good day