Time of Day Issues

A few questions based on my scenes running an hour early since daylight savings time (DST)( started.

  1. Where can I find the time that ezlo plus thinks it is? Apparently, it did not switch to DST last night.

  2. How can I correct it? Besides changing the timezone (which I’ve done as a short term fix).

  3. Related to #1, Is there anywhere in the app that actually displays the ezlo time?

in IOS
click on Settings
click on Tech support

on that page right at the bottom called:
Local Time:

I am using an android phone.

There doesn’t seem to be a way from Android at the moment.
I have informed the dev team to add.

Thank you.

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Ezlo checks with cloud (everytime it has internet connection) and adjusts the time.
The only thing I can think of, is that it had no internet access and wasn’t able to update the time.
it does keep the time internally once updated…but doesn’t have the DLS etc programmed in…it relies on cloud connection to get that…

Ok. How do I know the status of the connection?

I do have another question. From time to time on the app across the top of the screen I see “No internet connection” however everything else connected to the internet is in fact connected.

First of all login to your App
in Android go to Settings
then click on Customer Care
Right at the bottom you will see the “Connection Status”
this tells you how your Hub is connected at the moment…Either operating in a Local mode (no internet required) vs Cloud mode.
You can always turn off your wifi on your android (which will force you out of your network)…and try to turn a switch on or off… This way your App will be connecting via the cloud (because its not in the same network anymore) and if it can issue commands and they work, that means your hub is receiving instructions from internet.

Pls note: Even in local mode, its still listening to internet so that it can execute instructions coming from the cloud. So Local mode doesn’t mean it has no internet connection (just wanted to clarify)
Local mode means: To turn your light on, the instruction doesn’t have to travel via the internet…it can do it all locally (more efficient way of doing things…our architecture is, whatever we can do locally we do).

Thanks once again. I am locally connected. I take it that when it says “No Internet Connection” it is really saying that it is not connecting to the cloud and not that my internet is down. That does make sense, I recommend (if possible), changing the “No Internet Connection” message to “No Connection to ezlo cloud services” to avoid confusion.

Again, thanks for the quick and immediate responses. It is appreciated.

That is correct.

Great suggestion. Passing it on to dev team.

Thank you for your support @ryantatum20 as well!