Time dependent scenes


I have a SES301 and 4 appliance sockets with electric heaters plugged in. I’m using Vera lite and UI5 set up to turn the 4 heaters off if temp goes to high and on if drops too low. That all working fine however I need to add something that will tell Vera only to run the above scenes between certain times of the day. The schedules section only seams to allow me to start a scene at a certain time which doesn’t help.

Any ideas?


Have a look at the pleg plugin if you do not want to mess with luup code. For luup code, this has been discussed many times here are some links for starters:

Conditional Scene Execution: Some Examples: Time Period

Luup IF statement to allow something to happen between 9pm

Turning lights off after 5 min during the night

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Got it done using a combination of PLEG and Vera’s own schedules. Not used it before but once I got to grips with the basic logic of PLEG it was very easy. I decided to program the rules of the heaters into PLEG and ARM/DISARM PLEG using Vera’s schedules. That way I can arm the heating outside of hours if I want to. I guess I could also use another instance of PLEG to do the schedules instead of Vera.

You can actually Arm/Bypass a PLEG in the SAME PLEG by using the reserved condition NAMES:


There (in particular the Arm) runs independent of the Arm/Bypass switch. And their results sets the PLEG to Arm/Bypass respectively.

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I’ll see if I can get that to work. :slight_smile: