Three-way switches for A/C and lighting

Hi All,

Finally I?ve decided to get my first Vera and jump in to the control & Automation world. Before I make this move I would like to share some concerns and plans so you can kindly guide me to the right direction.

? Control all A/C (220v 20amp) units remotely (ON/OFF only). Controlling via Vera doesn?t mean I can?t control it manually from the existing switch in the room wall. They have to work independently like the three-way switch.
? Control some selected lights (220v). again I want to use both vera and the existing switch to control the light. Note that I?m not in favor of changing the wall switch with another one. (I believe it should be three-way switches, I?ll double check)
? I?ll start building my network gradually (z-wave most likely)
? VERY Reliable System with minimum wiring and intermediate devices.

I have CAT5 wiring to all rooms so I can use it to trigger a signal to whatever relay. However couldn?t find a perfect set of controllers and relays. I don?t want uncovered boards and too many power supplies and wires. Still utilizing these CAT5 wires is an option.

The second option is to use CA3750 or something similar but I couldn?t figure out how to use it as three ? way switch with the existing wall switch so both can control the A/C (220v) independently.

For the lights, a lot of z wave options but again, couldn?t find a z-wave switch/relay (220v three-way) so I can use it with the existing switches.

I?ll appreciate your comments and recommendations.

What county are you in? Any suggestions would have to be based on what is available in your region.

Hi aa6vh,

Products availability is not an issue. I used to travel to US every couple of months and I always can order & ship online. As of the electricity concerns, we have 220v 60Hz


Sorry. Its not just availability, its also compatibility. US products work on 120 volts/60hz (mostly), and may operate on a different ZWave radio frequency than your country’s (and the US frequency may not be authorized in your country).

People can not help you unless you tell us what country are in.

  • Garrett