Thought I would share my wall mounted tablets

I have 2 of these, one by the front door and one upstairs. Right now I dont have any specific software setup, just the Vera App and Sonos App.

Eventually I want to use Autohome, imerpihome, etc to have a useful “skin”. having to run an app to change the lights or adjust roller shades is annoying to say the least.

begin a mechE i dove into the physical installation, but need to work out the software at some point. I really dont use them for much since the interface is not convenient… yet. I bent a bracket with “key holes” to slide over screws, and VHB’d it to the back of the Galaxy tablet. Used various spacers of wood to get the height right. The bezels are sheet metal I painted to match the wall. I left plenty of room in case I want something different in the future. Power is supposed from a power supply located in my wiring closet, I ran 18/4 to these two locations.

Looks great.

One question though how is the front panel held to the wall?

I’m thinking maintenance if needed further down the track.


It is attached to the tablet with thin VHB (.010).

The tablet with bezel attaches slide off to the side with the key holes.

The foam layer in the VHB that attaches the tablet to the bracket provides the “give” needed for tolerance stacking so the bezel fits flush against the wall.

Nice. i didn’t want to cut a hole that big, and was ok with the tablet coming off the wall.,16448.msg186651.html#msg186651

but then i decided to clean it up with a frame,16448.msg191144.html#msg191144

Question for you. What is the switch to the right??? ;D

Looks great! I downloaded Imperihome. I am all setup in with UI7 and the Vera app, but Imperi looks WAY cleaner. I am going to play with it a bit. It doesnt seem Vera offers a slick interface for an “always running as a controller” item like a tablet.

That is an intercom. It is for my front gate. it rings when the door bell is pressed, and I can buzz the person in with the key symbol and/or talk so them.

here is the entry system (keypad is for myself, friends etc with the code)

Ran into my first glitch. Installed Imperihome last night, got it setup… works awesome. This morning woke up to a charging tablet.

I ASSUME it somehow died and shut off (vs crashed).

No way it should have died as it is powered by the high current factory samsung adapter.

I like it. I’ve been messing around with Imperihome (free) thinking about using it for something like this.

Appreciate the pictures! :slight_smile:

Never had ImperiHome crash once that i can think of. I sometimes reboot it because of some of the functionality with the plugin (text to speech) gets lost, but otherwise, pretty solid.

Yea, it didnt seem like a crash… somehow it killed the tablet battery. I will try again tonight and if it kills it again, I will check the current supplied by the adapter… but I used a quality samsung adapter.

Check/replace the cable, especially the micro USB end. I had a similar problem, battery gradually went down to nothing and it shut down. I found the micro USB connector on the cable was hosed. Replaced the cable problem went away

Just wanted to confirm I think you are correct. I installed imerpihome on the same tablet brand, same charger in my upstairs foyer… and it is working great!

I will replace the connector next week.

This looks great, for the bezel did you just get sheet metal yourself and somehow was able to cut it? I love the look of this but I think that’s the part that I would get stuck on as I wouldn’t know where to begin in terms of cutting it to fit and not look like garbage

My solution is a wooden frame. I am working on a wooden frame that has a tablet mount with foam glued to the wall behind it to force it flush. I am just going to use a recessed electrical plugin behind the tablet and have it mount like a picture.

If you have the tools it is easy to do… and I do, but I am lazy :slight_smile:

Draw it up (even by hand) and have a local sheet metal shop cut it for you. That is what I did.

My dad owns an auto body shop so I can probably get him to do it for me, otherwise was thinking wood even spray painted with a plastic type spray. Thanks!