This guy claims the CA9000 Motion Detector will not work with Vera on ebay.

Is this guy right? Price is way too high anyways but he says it will not work with vera? Looks too me from searching on here many have gotten it too work.

It does work fine… i have two that are powered with AC adapters and they work fine

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I have seven CA9000s and each works well with Vera. Battery life is not spectacular. I suggest that you power them with AC adapters.

As long as the device is cheaper than what you would have spent for a new one, let him claim it won’t work.

I have one that I got from an auction with such a claim, and after initially fighting with it, then finding info on the forms here how to pair it (hint: put it on-top/next to your Vera and let it sit overnight for best results), it works great.

I have it as part of a setup where if someone walks in the upstairs hall, the lights will turn on for a minute at night (using the smart switch plugin). Did it to keep people from having to remember to turn off the light, and to keep someone from forgetting to turn the light on when it is dark and possibly falling down the stairs.

automatedoutlet appears to be selling a 6 pack of them for $99 on ebay- that seems like a good deal


They are finicky and a bit of a pain to associate, but they do indeed work. I get about 2 months out of mine with fresh batteries with the switch on the 5 minute setting. Setting it to “constant update” will eat a set of batteries in a day or so, YMMV. They have a rather perplexing feature which disables notifications by pressing the button on the front of the device. It appears to be a toggle, so if you find that the device is not responding a single press usually makes them functional again. Usually. I did mention that they were finicky…


My CA9000 wasn’t getting notifications, but I did what the above post said, I pressed the button once and it started to work. It was finally picking up movement. Yeah!