ThinkEssentials to Veralite problems

I have been using ThinkEssentials (Pro 2.5.5) to control my 10 devices (outlets, wall switches, a dimmer). It is no longer well supported so I bought Veralite G and am trying to set it up, but am having problems.

I decided to just transfer the primary controller from TE to Vera, and that seemed to have worked. When I view my Devices tab, I see all devices and they do turn on and off ok. But the Dashboard does not show any of them? How do I get it to show the devices too?

I also have an Intermatic HA09 controller which also shows up in my Devices tab, but my TE ThinkStick is not showing as a secondary controller, though it thinks it is now a secondary controller. I am not worrying about it too much as I will remove TE after I get Veralite to work, just thought I’d describe all my symptoms.

I then started creating scenes. I can create a scene, but it does not let me add any devices to it, all devices are striped over and can not be selected. How can I get a scene to include a device?

Finally, I also tried to add a schedule to my scenes and noticed that Veralite does not seem to support a random time feature of TE. In TE you can set something to happen at about 30 mins after sunrise and it will then happen at a random time from sunrise to an hour later. Is there any way to set a Veralite schedule like that?

well, I was able to figure out how to add devices to my scenes, so that is fine. I am still looking for ways to get my devices to show up in my Dashboard tab. Currently it just shows my rooms but no devices are included. I am also looking for ways to get my schedule times randomized a bit.



The [tt]Dashboard[/tt] tab will show ‘pinned’ devices. Use the pushpin on the [tt]Devices[/tt] tab to select them.

There are some plugins for randomizing schedules. Try the app store and search for ‘vacation’.

thanks, I now have a good Dashboard. I also started looking at the plugins and found one I think I can work with.

I’ve found two apps for randomizing and haven’t been happy with either. I just want to be able to have a schedule with a random delta. Is there really no easy way to do this with vera?