Thick concrete wall, 300 feet and electric gate......

Hi all,

I actually haven’t got the micasaverde products yet , but am about to buy them, I just need to know what…

The main reason I want to go ahead with Zwave and vera3 is activating my main gate when I am far away from home. My main gate is about 300’ away from the house where the vera3 will be behind a thick concrete wall , including some steel.

The gate has electricity and a powerlan ethernet device for my ipwebcam.
In between there is a garage also with an electric door. this garage is about 60-70’ from my house (with the concrete wall).

What are my options for the main gate:
-I believe I can use a second vera device like the vera lite near the gate connected via the powerlan and router.
-Is there a switch I can use which is hardwired to a router/vera3 via LAN
-use a switch with router function in the garage, the remaining distance in open air is about 240 feet. But still this first distance from vera3 to the garage will be 60-70’ with the concrete wall.
-is there like an extension cord for the radiowaves so I can have a second antenna outside through the wall and another antenna inside?
-Is there maybe a better (cheaper) option for my problem?

many thanks , Cor

You keep using router when that isn’t something you’d want to introduce.

an Ethernet router is used to join two different IP subnets (networks)

For example you need a router where your cable modem comes into the home. It takes the lone ip address and allows a multitude of devices that all use that lone IP address to all talk over the Internet at the same time.

It has two main jobs, one is to hand out IP addresses to devices on YOUR side of the cable modem the second is to keep track of what device on your side is talking to what device on te other side ( the Internet ) so when traffic comes back from a specific site it routes that message to the right device.

So let’s say your office computer (that the router assigned an ip address of surfs to http:// the router utilizes the lone IP address that the cable company gave you to ask to send the contents of its home page. The router keeps a table tat says a host on my network ( is waiting for a response from so when googles web site gets around to responding to the request it sends it to your cable company provided IP address and it’s your router that sees the information and knows where it came from and consults its table and sees that device asked for that and in turn sends it to your office PC.

That is a bit of a simplification but it gives you an idea of what it’s function is… It’s an Internet postman of sorts who’s major job is to ensure devices on your local network can talk with the outside world adding a 2nd router into your network would simply allow for more devices. Each router can only contain 254 additional devices so unless you have something near 200 ip devices a new roter wouldn’t help you.

Ethernet switches on the other hand don’t do any traditional IP routing … All they do is let you split a single Ethernet cable into 5 8 16 32 or more unique connections.

What might have you confused is te fact that many routers ALSO have a switch function built in. However you’ll find many most all professional corporate class routers have just 2 ports on them, one that connects to the Internet providers network and the other connecting to the corporate network.

In short you can uses as many Ethernet switches as you’d like to provide Ethernet ports where ever you’d like. Just remember if you have a 100 Mb/s network and buy a 12 port 10 Mb/s switch all devices be they computers or other switches will all be limited to 10Mb/s even if the computers and other switches all have 100Mb/s ports. Using good quality monoprice Ethernet cable you can 200 feet of cable between Ethernet switches and or computers, however I always try to but lengths as close to actual length as possible. If you think the run is 50-60 feet buy a 75 foot cable the extra cable just gets annoying to work with and hide.

Once you have Ethernet and power run as close to the gate as possible then a Vera lite near the gate and a Vera 3 inside should work well and get your get up and running.

Just remember no routers … they will only introduce more subnets to your network and would likely make it so the Vera lite wouldnt see the Vera 3 without some messy reconfiguration.

You can also use TWO or more Vera’s, the second Vera bridges to the second via UPnP. Put the Main Vera in the house, second Vera in the Garage, and most likely it’ll work out for you

@ Davegee: Thanks for the clear explanation; I actually thought a router was always better as a a witch. If I go ahead with 2 controllers , like vera3 + vera lite or 2x vera 3s a switch is better.

BUT , I didn’t meant to talk about switches and routers as like in a network , I meant in my explanation knobs , on-off-switches etc. The option I was trying to explain was ( …with the switch/router in the garage) was for example a Zwave duwi insert " a switch/knob which gives an extended range (router function) …
In short: vera 3 in my house >> concrete wall>> garage knob/switch ( with buildin router function >> open field to main gate , with a Duwi roller shutter ( …

Hope is makes sense now what I am trying to explain… sorry I wasn’t clear. But nevertheless thanks for the extra info … always handy :slight_smile:

@ Myhomeserver: My wireless antenna is in the house which is about 60-70’ away with concrete wall , I am worried the vera cannot connect with the wireless network through the concrete wall. I Think the option above would be the same chances of succes but cheaper… .no??

Best one would be I think , vera lite near the main gate connected via a “network switch” (no router!!) to my modem/router. But also the most expensive.

So , there is no extension cord or something similar for the zwave antenna, so you can place the antenna somewhere else as the vera3 device?

choices choices choices :-s

Thanks for your input guys!,

Okay… So I better understand ya …

You only have two real options here.

1 extend your Ethernet network close to the gate if you have a spare port on you existing router/switch you wouldn’t actually need a switch at the far end of the cable just plug it into a Vera lite and that would be just fine… However if you ever dd need an additional net connection you’d simply add a switch… They are very inexpensive in today’s world.

2 (messy and prone to failure) is to utilize zwaves mesh property… Using mesh capable devices you MIGHT be able to create a line or for the lack of a better word bridge that could get you all the way, you have a positive given zwave travels great outdoors however zwave had its own limit when it comes to ‘hops’ I think it’s upper limit is four… Tho I’m not sure what constitutes a ‘hop’ and thus I give this the messy option… ;D

@ DaveGee; All clear to me now.

The idea was to also get an accespoint near the gate or maybe a vera2 so I can open the gate via wifi-smartphone. But I put this allready to bed , since when I will be driving to the gate with my car and my phone finally made wifi connection … I will be waiting just too long.

First I will try to do it via the router function of some zwave devices like 2 wall plugs, one just after the concrete wall and one in the middle between the house and the gate. If it works, that will be great. and I won’t have thrown away money , since the accesoires can be used for other projects. In case it doesn’t work , I will go for the vera lite option near my gate.

Many thanks for your help …
always a handy tool these forums :slight_smile: