thermostat lowest setting

Is there any way to set the lowest heat setting to 35?F from 55?F in the HD App for a thermostat?

I am using it on the intermatic pool heater control and I would like my heat setting to be at 35 when we are not there.

I am able to set it at 35 from the vera webpage but that is not always the best/most convenient.

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I know that with my Trane t-stat the lowest it can be set is 55?. Maybe the Vera UI lets you set it lower but the stat will still fire up at 55?. If you want it to go lower I would install some other temp sensors, have Vera turn the heat off entirely and only turn it on when it goes below 35?.

Although, maybe your thermostat lets it go lower than mine does.

The lower and upper limits can be customized in some thermostats via installer settings.

I know the factory low limit is set to 39?F so that would be the lowest temp setting possible.

Its just that 55 is still too warm

Its just that 55 is still too warm

Couple of comments …

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  2. Large Humidity and Temperatures variations/cycles, even done over a long period, can put a lot of stress on structural components in your house, if not designed for these.

If your thermostat supports that lowest of a setting, you should be able to modify the app to allow for such a low set point. In the app under Settings → Device Settings, there is a section for thermostats where you can set the min / max for heat and cool.

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Worked like a charm.

Is actually to control our pool temp so that when we are not there it wont run the pool heat.

The intermatic controller does not support setting the heat/cool mode to OFF