Thermostat limitatations

When I was experimenting with something recently, i set a thermostat very low of a system that I want to be in cooling mode, continuously. I received the error message:

Invalid temperature value, the value should be between 60 and 112.



Actual question though, was it a developer at Vera who has decided what temperature I am permitted to have? Or a developer at the company that made the thermostat? Or part of the zwave spec for thermostats?

If I simply want to run the fan and AC compressor regardless of temperature, is there an advanced mode/command I can use?

Some thermostats have limits - and sometimes you can adjust those limits. But I think that it’s the thermostat - nothing to do with Vera

confirmed. I run in to the same limits when adjusting by hand on the physical thermostat

It may be necessary to prevent the evaporative coil from freezing during high humidity conditions. In 2010 while having my kitchen redone, the contractor set the stat to like 65 and kept the fan on continuous. He had just mudded the drywall so there was a lot of moisture in the air, during the summer, while the outdoor air was also heavy with moisture. When I got home at 5ish, the blower did not sound right and I was not getting any air flow from the supply diffusers. Shut it down and it appears there was ice on the evaporative coil. A few hours later when it was bedtime, turned the t-stat back on and the coil had cleared itself of the ice and it worked fine after that.

Another reason is the design temperature drop across the evaporative coil. If designed for a 20 temperature drop, and you set the stat to say 50, you could again freeze your coil.

I have a similar issue. I use a multiwave to control my pool pump and heater. It represents to Vera as a thermostat. When I use the Alexa Skill to set the temperature (i.e. I want to pool to be 88 degrees (don’t judge)) it says invalid temperature. I ended up creating a scene that sets the temp to 88 and I just run that scene. But it does seem broken I cant set the temp to any temperature I want.