Thermostat icon after FW 1.5.408

One very minor issue I have noticed after updating my Vera Lite to FW 1.5.408 is that the thermostat icon no longer loads in the The controls function but the spinning “loading” circle in the upper left hand corner never goes away.

I don’t have the same thermostat but I am not encountering any issues with this app. There was another error a while ago that Automator was not loading correctly and the resolution was to delete the app from the iPhone or iPad and then reinstall.

MCV made changes to the data format for defining icons. I haven’t had a chance to analyze but I suspect this was in response to a bug I actually entered for them to fix the way icons are defined for devices that don’t have their icons change. Unfortunately they never detailed the changes they made in advance.

I will release an app update to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Maybe this is the cause as identified by @futzle,11061.msg78430.html#msg78430

That might explain why none of the icons are showing after a delete/re-install. All of the controls are functioning perfectly, so i can live without the icons. ;D

Same issue here with the CT-30. Just a spinning icon - controls however work fine.

[quote=“Brientim, post:4, topic:171971”]Maybe this is the cause as identified by @futzle,11061.msg78430.html#msg78430[/quote]

I’m guessing that is related to the issue. I am not a beta tester so had no idea of any changes coming. I will definitely get working on this ASAP.

I understand your situation and as this is a major app for using Vera with iPhone users at least, they may need to address this in the future. At least @futzle put this info on the open forum very quickly.

I am seeing a problem with my Camera’s (Foscam) that may be related. The Automator app no longer connects to my cameras. I am running FW 1.5.408 and the new Foscam 2.2 plugin. See screenshots:

I have the same thing. 1.5.408 appears to have added a new device type: …camera:2

It’ll be fixed in the next release also.

An update is awaiting review by Apple. This is a quick and dirty update to fix the icon issues and lack of support for DigitalCamera:2 experienced since 1.5.408.

any news for the update?

Thank you very much for the great work

any news for the update?

Thank you very much for the great work

Still awaiting review.

Update is available!

I had to delete and re-install the app, but everything (thermostat, Foscam cameras, etc.) is working correctly again.

Thank you!

Update: Everything is working great on my iPad but the cameras are not working on my iPhone. All of the other icons are working on the iPhone.

Camera’s still not working for me also.

I will look into the cameras on iPhone. I rushed the fixes out to beat my vacation and fix the immediately known issues.

Deleting and re-installing Automator should, I believe, resolve the camera issue.

I get the same result after deleting and re-installing. Let me know if you would like any information.

I get the same result after deleting and re-installing. Let me know if you would like any information.[/quote]

Found it. A new version has been submitted to apple. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Great. Any chance you could publish a beta until Apple has approved the official release?