Thermostat for z-wave controlled fan?

Now that winter is arriving I’m looking to buy my first z-wave Thermostat. Our house is a three story town house, the top story gets very warm, even in winter and our bedrooms are in the basement which gets a bit chilly. I think I can save some money on heating by just being able to circulate the air better, pull the air from upstairs and cycle it through the house.

Right now I have an old thermostat from 1980 and only controls the heat. I did take it off and it looks like I have full 24 vac wires to it. The furnace (natural gas) has a switch for manual fan control.

I’m wondering what my options are for z-wave controller thermostats. Are there any where the fan will show up as a separate device? I’ve tried searching for information about fan control, but I can’t seem to find anything.


Trane/Schlage TStat has a control for FAN as AUTO and ON. I can run just the fan by this. In AUTO, the fan cycles as normal with the Heat/Cool call. When set to ON, the fan runs. Since I have zoned systems, I need to turn the fan on in each zone to activate the dampers and allow the air to ‘mix’ as you have described. It does help to bring cool air up from the basement to the 2nd floor.


Thanks for that post. I have the dampered system also. My daughters bedroom is in the lower level and in the summer she gets a bit chilled. My bedroom area is just above hers and I"m always calling for AC as it’s a bit warm and I like it cold.

I think your suggestion of keeping the units on “ON” will probably solve both of our issues, and in the long run save me a bit of money by using her cold air to chill my air, and visa versa.


Plese feed back how this goes for you. By the way, I control 6 t’stats in my home with this. :slight_smile: