Thermostat displaying zero degrees in UI

There has been some weird behavior on one of my thermostats in Mios lately.

  1. The temperature would not change from 76 degrees. I would change the temperature to 78, but then vera would take control and push it back to 76 degrees. An initial VERA and luup engine restart did not resolve this issue. Later in the day while I was trailing the luup logs, and making a few saved changes (causing a few restarts to the LUUP engine), the problem miraculously was fixed.

  2. Now when I go to look at the UI in Mios the current ambient temperature displays zero degrees. I cannot go to the physical unit (I am accessing it remotely) to check and see the display on the physical thermostat, but my suspicion is that there is an error in the UI and not that the thermostat is (incorrectly) reporting 0 degrees.

Does anyone know what might be causing this weird display? I am not sure if these 2 issues are related, but thought I would share both just in case.


What is the make/model of the thermostat?