Thermostat comparing indoor and outdoor temperature

I am looking for a thermostat to control a roof fan (whole house fan) when the outside temperature is warmer…

I live in California where the external temperature rise quickly in the morning above 20C (68F).
I want to heat the house by pulling warmer outside air when it’s warmed outside.

I am looking for a thermostat that would turn on the fan when outside temp is higher than inside temp; and inside temp lower than say ~26C (~80F).

I would also use the Fan in the summer evenings, when the outside temperature cools down to cool the house.

The goal is to save energy to reduce my foot print. I could indeed use the furnace…

Ideally a roof fan with a embedded thermostat.

Can some help? Anyone heard of that.

I?ve never heard if a thermostat like that. Couldn?t you get a temp sensor for out side and create some scenes to do what you need?


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I’m not sure if you are asking for a Vera (Z-Wave) solution or you just want a stand alone solution.
For a standalone look at the Venstar Thermostat range, the colour touch shpuld do what you want.
If it’s Z-Wave then jbfoster is on the money.

edit: what was I thinking? for a Z-wave solution use a Remotec Thermostat.

Thank you! I will explore the Venstar Thermostat features!
(Sorry for the delayed answer)