"The Home Remote" dashboard app demo video

I’ve been playing around with a dashboard app called “The Home Remote”.


Latest demo video:

Latest Screenshots:


This is a demo video of their default template and widget tiles, with my Vera Plus.

Also I integrated the Philips Hue Bridge, my Logitech Harmony hubs and IP security cams.

UPDATED DEMO video of “Home Remote” Android app on my phone.

Changed some layouts and added some stuff like Kodi remote and integration with Grafana graphs.

Other integrated devices:

Logitech Harmony Hubs
Philips Hue Bridge
Hikvision IP cams
Ezviz DB1 doorbell


The tiles are customizable (colors and shape)?

You can change the colours, not sure about shape, but I should think so by creating a custom tile template file.

It’s highly customisable if you know what you are doing in their desktop designer app, which I don’t really yet.

I forget to show it in the video, but if you click on a Logitech Harmony Activity tile, it then brings up a remote control for that activity. You could not do this in Imperihome.

I didn’t make these remotes the system auto generated them! I did then tweek them to change some buttons and fix some that weren’t working.

Added some tiles to launch some external apps today as well.

Thank you for sharing this. I think it’s high time to dump imperihome.

I’m still using Imperihome on all our devices.

Still getting to grips with this app. The designer has a steep learning curve, plus I’m not a programmer.

However I’ve seen some amazing custom projects made with this app that look better than Crestron and Control4.

But you would have to sink many many days, weeks, months learning how to do it all.


The Ezlo Dashboard, I am finding it hard to believe they have the skills to make it better than Imperihome or even this app. Ezlo should purchase the rights to the Imperihome app and build on that.

This is all I have been able to create with the Ezlo Dashboard alpha build and it is extremely alpha.

My Imperihome demo

There is a guy on here who is a Home Remote guru his project looks very professional.

See here.

Click this link for an animated GIF.

Don’t think I have the skills myself to create something that good though.

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Yes that’s my project, thanks for the complement. Home remote does have a learning curve if you want to create a design that is truly custom. Home Remote is very versatile in that way. It also helps that a make a living as a Photoshop Retoucher so creating custom graphics is something I am use to.

One way to keep things a bit simpler is to use Home Remote as a portal and have most of the conditional logic happen on your Vera utilizing Reactor. That was the approach I took since I had a pretty complex existing Reactor setup and it really did not make sense to replicate the logic within my Home Remote project. (Although Home Remote is very capable when it comes to conditional logic) Instead I set up Home Remote to interact with Reactor via scenes and Rigpapas SwitchBoard virtual switches. Custom shapes for buttons are definitely achievable and Home Remote supports PNG transparency so any PNG that you can source or create yourself can be imported. For those who want to keep it simple Home Remote is capable of Autogenetating a remote utilizing Home Remote stock built in templates. Home Remote is professional grade without the upfront cost or ongoing subscriptions and IMHO it’s capabilities and levels of customization rival many if not all of the bigger players in the space.


Updated the Home Remote Designer app today and the default tile template files as I was running an older version.

You can change the tile colours and accent highlight colours.

I made the tiles opaque and changed the accents to a light grey.

Landscape, its all dynamic orientation.

This could be an Imperihome replacement until it breaks with the Ezlo platform HTTP API.

However the developer Bill is very responsive and engaged so hopefully he will add support for the new Ezlo platform also.

Another question, what about live view from ip camera, i mean when you scroll to a page has ip camera does it show a live video (images) or i have to tap on it to view?

I am working on that. Yes it is possible.

I will post some screen shots when I have it working fully.

Seems most things are possible in this app, however it’s not like Imperihome. It’s not that simple or straight forward out of the box.

It takes time and trial and error and the knowledge to learn how to do things.

This was a default IP camera tile that I copied and then edited to add a Media Element to display a JPG snapshot image from my camera.

When I click on the tile it opens another IP camera details view showing the mjpg “video” stream.

As yet I haven’t gotten Rtsp h.264 / h.265 video streams working.

Were you by any chance posting on the Home Seer forum about Home Remote too. Your comment about Ezlo purchasing the rights to Home Remote was identical to one posted today. Coincidence or what.

Not me no. Never used Homeseer.

But a lot of Homeseer and other different HA platform users used Imperihome.

There is an inbuilt Vera House Modes device in this newer version of Home Remote I am using now. Its called “Mode”.

Seems to work although I haven’t changed house modes yet, but it is showing the current mode as “Home”.

The other tiles you can see are just my Vera scenes for my house modes that also do other stuff.

I have also asked the developer for a feature request. So certain tiles actions can be locked with a numeric pin code and also to have other tiles have a popup confirmation with Cancel / OK buttons, just like we have in Imperihome. He said he would look in to adding these features.


I does show the correct house mode when you switch.

Here is another screen shot of the Camera tiles preview I was working on. The three that are working are Hikvision IP cameras.

The tile that isn’t working is an internal front camera on an Android tablet device, being served up by TinyCam Pro web server. I can’t seem to get any of these tablet cameras working in Home Remote currently.


Can it do a floor plan?
e.g. My Home Assistant Floorplan - Automate The Things

If you have got the skills which you probably have you can create anything you like in this app I believe.

The easiest way to get started with Home Remote and the way I have got my app up and running is to use something they call “Groups”

Here are some screen shots from the desktop “Designer” app.

Here you can see the devices I have linked or created in Home Remote


So under the Vera device it imported all my Vera devices and scenes etc.

Now if you watch my demo video the slide out menu from the left and the pages was all built up by using “Groups” which is basically a folder structure. You create your folders and sub-folders and you assign devices and scenes to those folders aka “Groups”.


So for example here you can see my “Home” menu item and its sub groups and the devices and scenes I add to this area of the app.


If you use Groups in this way the mobile app GUI menu items and pages are automatically constructed for you.

However and this is what @Tarkus has done with his skills, you can create your own pages. So yes you could have a page with a floor plan background image and you could place buttons on top of it.

The only page I have created myself in this project is a test page I use to just test somethings out.

I added a few buttons and a media element.
The AVR - Mute button for example is using the HTTP Client device to send a GET command out.


There is also a load of tile templates you can use. You can use them as is or you can copy and paste them to create a new instance of that template and you can then tweek it, as I did for the Camera preview tile.

There is also an app emulator in the designer so you can see how your pages and menu items are working.

So in this screen shot of the app in the designer, the “Home” menu item is a parent “Group” or folder. The “House Modes” “Switches” and “Sensors” sub menu items are sub folders of the “Home” parent folder in the Groups.


Just seen these screen shots of a project with a floor plan on the Home Remote forums.

Looks like a nice project but I think you would need some serious skills and knowledge of how this app works to pull something like that off.

This looks great as well.