The day my lights turned off at the wrong time :(

I have a couple of Evolve “plug-in appliance modules”. I connected them to my Veralight and am using scenes to turn them on and off at scheduled times, then send me text messages. I have several lights that are plugged into power strips, and the power strips are plugged into these modules. As a result, the modules turn the lights on and off at scheduled times: On at 9:30am, off at 12:30am.

It seems to have worked flawlessly every time. But a couple of nights ago, all the modules (and therefore the lights) switched off at 9:30pm instead of three hours later as scheduled. And micasaverde sent me text alerts that they turned off, as though that was what I wanted

This is not good. It’s important those lights don’t occasionally switch off at the wrong times. I recently posted in the initial setup forum, because my first automation project is helping my wife with her reptiles. She’s recently begun acquiring and breeding them. They live in several enclosures. They must have light and heat at scheduled times.

I have measures in place, in case something goes wrong: I get alerts when they turn on and off, and I have an IP cam, in case we’re not home and something happens.

Any idea what might have happened? Is there a log I can examine that might provide clues? I really need to prevent this from happening, if at all possible.

It sounds like your Vera rebooted (not restarted, reboot is a power cycle) and while it rebooted the network was not available so it did not get the right time. Vera only sets the time when it is rebooted and it requires the network.

Tha’ts why people put their Vera on a UPS. So even if they loose power, Vera will not reboot. Then they make sure the network (Cable Modem, and Router) are running before they reboot their Vera if they actually want to do a power reset.

Oh, man, at first I was excited by this suggestion, especially since a UPS is on my shopping list.

But alas, we were home when it happened, watching TV. To my knowledge, not one single item had a power fluctuation at that time, unless it was isolated to that one outlet that the vera lite is plugged into.

And do you have UPS you recommend for this job?

It could have power cycled anytime since the previous time the it ran on the correct schedule … and it could have been a momentary glitch.
You need to login to your Vera to see what time it has.

Alternately you can look at the the log file and see what times it’s writing to the log files:


Unless you have modified the log settings … they can be delayed by buffering for seconds to a few minutes before the output happens.
Turn on/off a light on the UI and look for the indication in the log for it’s time.

If it’s off … then power cycle Vera and try again.

My wife and I use VeraLite with a Aeon Smart Strip (recent change) to control our reptile lighting. Not breeding them, just two pets. The only hiccup was when I incorrectly restarted my Vera when the internet was down after an ice storm and had the same timer issue you mention. I won’t make that mistake again - luckily I was home and manually set the clock. In fact if you search on reptiles I think you will fine a post where I complained just like you. Stupid the clock isn’t maintained with a reboot, IMO. I use a UPS and would suggest you do the same. VERA isn’t a big power draw, so won’t need a big one if that is the only device attached…

Thanks, guys. I imagine it probably was this glitch that you both suspect. Being that it has happened once for about 6 weeks now, I will consider it a fluke, and will troubleshoot the logs should it happen again.

@RichardTSchaefer I’ll have to look at your posts here for pointers!