The best Vera + Multi Zone audio system combination

Hello All
I was reading in the forum that there are many previous experiences using zones audio switches with vera

I have some questions regarding my situation:

I have 16 zones in this location which I want to control via vera. Keypad can be added in some zones but in others cables are hard to reach.

From what I have read that the Monoprice plug in was removed and even though I am into more professional system
I was checking the Russound system. The problem I have here that I dunno if i can still control the kypadless zones via the Authomation app. And vera location is far from the Audio Cabinet. That’s why I was looking for an OverIP solution.

Nuvo system, couldn’t find anyone who have tested these with vera.
Control4 audio system, they look nice and already being controlled via control4 system via IP. So why not control them via vera?

And in any case what I need is maybe:

Vera > ETHERNET > 8 x 8 Multizone switch > Audio Splitter (to have the same sources to another switch) > 8 x 8 Zones switch > BOSE Ceiling speakers.

Is this connection correct? I dont need Amps for celing speakers?

As I said in the HTD thread, I’ll test a zone with the keypad disconnected later today, BUT, even if you don’t have a key pad in the same room as the speakers there’s no reason you can’t just have it hanging off the amp with a short patch cord. I’m doing this for my back yard zone. I control it 100% with AutHomation.

I was checking the russound device. Does it have HDMI input and/or outputs?

Nope. Only analog. I don’t think you’re going to find such a device that supports HDMI for reasonable money. By reasonable I mean less than $20,000 or so.

Well my Vera is hosed so I’ve been unable to test this. When (and IF) this gets sorted I’ll try to run a zone with no key pad connected.

I tested mine and it works fine without the keypad. You can do 100% Vera control.

Is this a Russound system you tested?

Yes, a 6 zone CAA66

Ahhh. Same unit as I have. Good to know! Thanks!

Lets go russound then