Tenvis Mini319W and Vera 2


Has anyone had any experience of connecting this camera up to Vera 2/Vera 3

I have manually added the configuration, but keep getting a message ‘Camera URL is invalid’ I have used the same configuration that works well for the D-Link DCS 930 and DCS 932.

In the URL section, I have the following:-


Does anyone know if this is correct, I look forward to any help offered.

Many thanks,



Did you have any joy with this?

I’m about to buy 2 and use them with my Veralite?

The URL looks like it should be “snapshot.cgi” that seems to work on mine.

However when I click on the view button, it shows me the image for a short while but then disappears to show a piece of film with a spanner and screwdriver on it?

Does anyone on the forum have any ideas what causes that and how I fix it?

Hi Parkerc,

I got mine working eventually, but I would suggest setting them up with static IP, and also upgrading the firmware to the latest version.

If you need any help, give me a shout.



Hi Mike

Thanks for replying, it seems to be working better now I think it just needed time to bed in :wink: