Tell us which integrations you want us to make for the EZLO PLATFORM please

we started putting the “current progress” to show whats done , what issues etc etc…so that you can track it.
its in the original post…just click to see it.

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I saw that, I even said that in my post, just above:

I am asking about a timeline for the rest, I’m assuming that you already have that and not just work on Fibaro.

Personally I don’t see the point in listing individual Z-Wave devices in the original post, from a particular manufacturer.

I’d rather just list that manufacturer and know that manufacturers entire device portfolio will at some point in the future will be supported.

As for when? That’s like asking how long is a peice of string.

Here was my manufacturer list.

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We will provide visibility as we have it. Product management team is in charge of providing the visibility and they will be updating the post as they get visibility.

Great List!

I would like to see support for Russound RNET.

Thank You


Google Home / ChromeCast TTS support. So you can send TTS announcements from Ezlo to any of your Google Home speakers or ChromeCast devices when something happens. for example a sensor is tripped / not tripped.

I have been playing around with node-red this week, they have some Voodoo magic here.

Now when for example my door is opened or closed a TTS is sent directly to my Google Home speakers.

Would be nice to see some Ezlo native support for this and for Amazon Alexa TTS announcements.

*Danfoss Living Connect LC-13 Z-Wave
*Bosch Indego
*iKettle (plugin)
*Solar Meter (plugin)
*Power Arithmetic (plugin)
*Virtual ON/OFF Switches (plugin)

  1. IFTTT (complete version, not Beta)
  2. Switchbot
  3. Switchbot Hub Plus
  4. Synology Surveillance Station Remote
  5. Google home (native integration without plugin)

I hope that you will finish the work on one of the above items until the day when my Vera hub becomes obsolete :rofl:
Good luck!

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The work above does not relate to your Vera hub.
it relates to Ezlo hub.

Support for the NetworX/CADDX security panel plugin is critical for my home.

This capability is what led me to Vera in the first place several years ago, and will be what leads me away it no longer works on the Vera or is not ported to EZLO h/w. The plugin is not currently supported by the original developer, but functions perfectly, on the Vera, as-is.

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I should also mention the Flume water meter by They have an API access for users. It would be nice to have Ezlo/Vera scenes based on water usage.

Aurora AOne range of Zigbee lighting products.

TKBHome products
TZ37EU, TZ74EU, etc.


Doorbird Doorbell - in the list, it’s incorrectly under Zwave, this is a Wifi+Cloud device, not Zwave (API)
Fronius solar inverter (API)

Tesla cars (API)
Netatmo cameras (API)

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What about remotec zxt-600 the only one zwave device to control A/A from IR

WiFi Integrations:

  • AVM Fritz!BOX (incoming calls, call number, …)
  • IP-Control for AV equipment (TV, PVR, AV-Receiver, …) to stop movie when doobell is used for example
  • Home Connect (home appliance devices from Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau)

Onkyo TX NR646 amplifier Protocole EISCP

Will there be an upgrade path to Ezlo from vera? Really dont want to have to re do all my vera installs from scratch. will it be possible to upgrade vera edge to ezlo firmware then backup and restore to ezlo plus?

I secretly wish ezlo would (eventually) make an IR dongle (connected via USB?) through which users could (a) control A/V and other IR-based equipment, (b) learn and save other remotes’ codes (both manually in the UI and true learning à la Logitech Harmony), and (c) use as triggers for scenes and device actions on the ezlo platforms.

I’ve never believed it made sense to invest 100’s of dollars toward fancy remotes, dongles and special HTTP hubs just to accomplish the most basic of IR control. This would open up a whole new world!

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We will do two things
1-Allow “Virtual Devices” capabilities.
2-Integrate IR Blasters etc.

this way using “Virtual Devices” capability you can take an IR blaster, create a virtual device for it in Ezlo and crate what you need. Then you can use this “Virtual device” in your scenes, or control it using VOI etc. Lets see if we can get a “beta” by end of the summer…wish us luck pls.

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