Tell us which integrations you want us to make for the EZLO PLATFORM please

Hi @Pitt13, Yes we are still following this post and trying to prioritize items from all requests. As you know we are aiming to integrate everything with our platform :slight_smile:
Btw I can also say for now that 8 of top 15 devices to integrate are Fibaro ones.

I think Fibaro as a whole should be a top priority rather than particular individual devices of theirs.

Same for Aeotec, Everspring and Qubino those are the main four Z-Wave devices for the EU markets, along with these other manufacturers here.

Also Harmony hubs the 3rd party plugin needs to be ported over to Ezlo platform…

I’d also like to see support for Hikvision IP cameras integration into Ezlo hub for virtual motion sensors. There was an old Vera plugin that after some tweaks I was able to get working.

And when can we expect support for Philips Hue Bridge and Hue lights? In Vera we currently have the Philips Hue 2 plugin and the AltHue plugin.

AltHue is better and supports more Philips Hue and other Zigbee devices like the bulbs from IKEA.

I tried to add one Zigbee device so far directly to the Ezlo Plus a Xiaomi Aqara temp / humidity sensor but it did not work or detect the device.

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I totally agree. However we are forced to look into this device per device because sometimes it is very fast to integrate a particular device and sometimes we find lots of issues we need to solve, report, etc particularly just for that device. That also effects the order/priority of that particular device.

I have tried Hubitat with new zwave700chip for a while. Fibaro has become a Hugh problem since they have changed som multicast bla bal ( dont exactly now what). so all fibaro drivers suck and dev team says they can’t do much its a silicon labs problem… So now I’m trying better luck with Shellys who are not in this world fast… Still have my VP for some old 433mhz and follow the dev of ezlo plus…/MAttias

visonic MCT-340e sensor (zigbee) (works with vera plus)
honywel smoke detektor (xiaomi/zigbee) (Works with vera plus)
Bosch motion sensor (zigbbe works with vera plus)

Harman Kardon Omni serie speakers (relly like to se this integritet
wled service
Home assistant (so ezlo kan be controld from HA)

volvo on cal
amazon music
Wyze camera
Neos Camera


Please add support for sending sensor data from the Ezlo hub to a Time Series database such as InfluxDB.

There is a current 3rd party InfluxDB plugin for Vera you can see here.

I am using Grafana to visualise the data from Vera, here is what I have setup so far.

Or better yet add native support in Ezlo for time series logging and graphing.


Door / Window Sensors

Battery Levels

Glances Hardware Monitoring

And embedded in to Imperihome app as Kiosk mode:


Home Assistant

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Home Assistant?

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How does Home Assistant currently work with Vera?

Presumably your Z-Wave devices are paired with Vera and Home Assistant sends HTTP commands to Vera’s local API to then control those devices and also read back the devices current status for feedback / 2 way comms?

Or is it a deeper integration at the Z-Wave chip level?

If the HTTP API then unfortunately Home Assistant and every other 3rd party integration into the Vera system out there now, will be broken when using the new Ezlo platform as they have “shot themselves in the foot” and changed the entire structure of how the HTTP server API works.

So all 3rd party apps and platforms that can currently talk to Vera will break for the new Ezlo hubs.

It’s up to those 3rd parties to rewrite their integrations in to Ezlo hub using the new API.



Decent Push Notifications and notifications management / search functions.

I’ve always used 3rd party notifications integrations for Vera as the native inbuilt notification system was always sub standard and needs improving.

I’m currently using Telegram messenger app and my Vera scenes and logic actions send out notification commands to Telegram.

As a feature request I’d like to see decent push notifications and a decent dedicated area on the Mios app to view and search for them via keyword and time and date etc.

When @melih took over the reigns we discussed metrics and data. No roadmap on that I have ever seen. The focus is on device integrations and the new firmware.

I believe Home Assistant leverages this library for Vera integration.

In terms of current connectivity, yes Z-Wave devices connected to Vera which Home Assistant relay commands back and forth.

As for methods, I would assume HTTP api, MQTT, etc. would be options, but that is beyond my area of expertise.

What about an easy to use heating management? Today you have to create many scenes for “set thermostat xy temperature at night”, “set thermostat xy temperature at morning”, “set thermostat xy temperature when away”, … and if you want to use a window sensor or use an external temperature sensor you have to write lua scripts.

There should be a separate category for heating where you can define heating zones, assign your themostats, temperature sensors and window contacts to that zones and then mark in a timeline what temperature should be at what time of the day (and a second mark in timeline when in holiday mode).

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Lidl supermarket in the UK have just launched a range of cheap Zigbee products


More cheap Zigbee devices.

Please note we added two new request types for device integrations.

We will also ensure all device integrations captured in this thread, will be visible in the Ezlo Bug Tracker, in the short term.

Pleas let me know if you have any questions.


@melih did you ever considered to enable ezlo platform to be able to connect to a third party Central Monitoring System via SIA or CID protocols? It would be interesting for us that are not in US and want to connect to professional monitoring center.

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It would be nice if the integration between home assistant and vera could pass sensor values back and forth. Currently, it seems that HA can read the values from Vera, but there is no integration for passing values back, unless my limited experience of HA hasn’t uncovered this yet.


Please add:

Trane Thermostat
GE/Interlogix Concord 4 alarm panel

…or via HTTP Request action in Reactor.

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