Tell Us About Your System & Setup - Help the n00bs

Let me begin by stating that I’m a n00b that’s been reading through the forums for several weeks now. There is a lot of information available in the forums but as someone who is new, it’s somewhat overwhelming to gather all the information you need to get started.

I haven’t found a thread yet where people briefly describe the make and model of the components in their setup.

New people, like me, rely on the opinions of others to get started. If I see a lot of people are using Motion Sensor X or Door Sensor Y, I’m going to be inclined to go that direction myself. The pros always know best.

So tell us about your setup and help guide the new people with the items they want to build into their own system.

This is certainly what a lot of people use the signature lines for. Albeit that’s a bit short, but you can always ask for details. It really helps if you say where you are in the world, because that really colours your options.

(from my spelling of “colour” you can tell I’m in the UK, most likely. You can also check that on my profile. It’s a good detail to put there.)