Telegram Plug-in to send text, images and video notifications

Use double * for bold. \n for new line.

Be sure to url encode everything.

Could you post an example (text = “Some bold text here”) using the exact markup/encoding? I’m sure others would also appreciate it

My memory is failing. By default, Telegram API accepts HTML. I’ve since added a new option to the latest build, to default to Markdown but still be able to specify HTML if you want. Examples here:

dbochicchio/vera-Telegram: Notifications via Telegram bot for Vera/openLuup (

     Text="This is <b>bold</b>\nHTML message!",
     Format = "HTML",
     DisableNotification = false
  }, 515)


     Text="This is *bold*\nMarkdown message!",
     Format = "MarkdownV2",
     DisableNotification = false
  }, 515)

EDIT: Update from the store if necessary:

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Thanks for the examples / new features!

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After a bit of testing, I had to revert back to version 0.1. Seems that 0.2 does not properly support the following construction (using this code within Reactor sensor):

local temp = luup.variable_get( )
local msg = “:warning:Temperature low: " … temp … " C”
}, )

MarkdownV2 wants some charactes (_ * [ ] ( ) ~ > # + - = | { } . !) to be escaped. Just use “Markdown” instead (or HTML). IE:

local temp = luup.variable_get("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:TemperatureSensor1", "CurrentTemperature", 167) or "N/A"
local msg = "⚠ Temperature low: " .. temp .. " C"

Format="Markdown" -- or "HTML"

I’ll try to take care of the special chars in the next updates later this week. Thanks for noticing!


The variables in the form:

are different from those indicated in the configuration notes:

BotToken is like ABC:DEF ?

Thanks. :+1:

EDIT: Yes, the BotToken is BotID:BotKey. My error was in the DeviceID. Now everything works.

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You’re correct. This is the new configuration and I’ll update the docs very soon to reflect the change.

Option DisableNotification don’t work for me. Always send message with notification.

Telegram will deliver a silent notification, but you’ll find it in your list anyway. I’ve tried this moment ago and it’s working as expected.

I’m sorry. I’ve tried whith the sample:

     Text="Hello from Vera (Silent)",
     DisableNotification = true
  }, 140)

with my deviceID=140 and Telegram sound for all group members.
Now I use silent mode in the app.

Thanks for the plug-in and I am struggling trying to get it to work, no doubt I am doing something wrong.

I installed the plug in on Vera set up an account on telegram and set up a bot father, have no idea how they would communicate I think that is what I am missing. I set up a bot used the token and ID as noted but nothing. I am definitely missing something. Do you have a guide for dummies? I.e step by step easy and more easy?

Go here, create the bot, get the token and your ID (

  • Get your token and be sure the edit the BotToken variable for your device (under advanced, variables).

Then use in code and/or in Reactor, as suggested on GitHub. There’s nothing more to add, really.

OK, I have the following completed;

  1. Plug-in installed with the token from the telegram/botfather and have identified the by correct ChatID by using the number/getUpdates
  2. used the following code to send the message
    Text=“Hello from Vera”,
    ChatID = taken from the above
    }, device# on vera created by the plugin)
  3. nothing happened, should I add code at the bot level?

Not sure what set I am missing but I am missing something.

Any guidance is greatly apprecaited.

I believe the code I am missing in the code for the botfather would anyone have an example of what I need to use to send Alexa a notification?

Major breakthrough, I have tried it on my Vera Plus and it sends the message to Telegram but it will not announce on Alexa. It will not work on my vera 3 for some reason.

One step closer all I need is it to announce on Alexa. I think I am missing the botfather code.

How are you supposed to announce that on alexa? This plugin is intended to send a message to telegram and I’m struggling to add alexa to the mix.

Thanks I appreciate the plug-in and your time, do you currently have a way to have Alexa announce the notifications? If so can you point me in the right direction?

There is the VeraAlexa plugin also available on the mios app store.

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Thank you, appreciate it and have installed. Only thing is the cookies.txt file I use edge and chrome and it is a little harder to find it.