ted5000 may have nuked my vera/UI4

Just an interesting little tidbit… I installed ted5000 yesterday in main breaker in the house,
and everything was working fine for a number of hours, after some initial fiddling…
This morning, i eagerly reviewed the nights figures, and noticed a spike in consumption of
0.5 kwh up from baseline of 0.1 kwh resting state
I then noticed the reptile lights ( part of the vera control system ) were not on.

Went into vera(2)/UI4 and found that all of my devices were showing as red - device not configured -
device failed to configure.

Imagine my surprise, seeing the z-wave network has been running for 2 years before ted arrived…

In troubleshooting, i have since:
-updated firmware and footprints on ted, for good measure, to latest
-updated firmware on vera, and migrated to UI5

Initial look at UI5 ( nice, btw ) showed all devices in the red with failure to configure.
I have been able to force some of the devices closer to the vera to be recognised by going into
individual settings and force-config-now

Am currently running a heal on the whole network to see what is

I am assuming a zigbee interference nuked my z-wave coms, but really dont have much to
go on.
Added ted back in to the mix, visible in veraUI5 with the plugin…

I notice from the fora that everybody seems to be happy with Ted, so as Alice says:
“curioser and curioser”

I’m sorry to hear that your network is having problems.

To be honest, I have a hard time seeing how a TED5000 could corrupt a Vera network. I have been using Vera pretty much since the beginning, and also have a TED5000 system set up with 3 sets of CT’s and 2 monitors. The different technologies work perfectly with each other, and in fact, I love the TED5000 Vera plugin which presents system status at a glance.

I guess anything’s possible, but hopefully you are able to fully recover from the event, and use both technologies successfully going forward. Please keep us posted on your system restore.

I gave the system a couple of days for me to keep an eye on things, and yea, verily
I am happy to report that all the bits and pieces are all working to spec.

Vera running smoothly with UI5, some odd behaviors but i’ll leave those on the learning curve
side of the house for the time being. Had some nodes being recalcitrant, but running a couple of
heals on the network did wonders

TED is running smooth, I have not seen the strange spike in consumption during the dead
of the night since the first one, so will blame either aliens or the utility company depending
on which X-files character is more popular.

TED plugin is running fine.

I’ll give it a couple more days and then start trying the virtual switches to combine sensor data
from the light/temperature sensor to control the solar hotub heater pump, but that is another adventure.

Glad to hear that things are ‘normalizing’ now.

Sometimes it just takes a couple of days for the gremlins in the system to finally pack up and leave!