TED 5000 with ERGY - Does it Work?

I have a TED 5000 and it shows up correctly in Vera under UI4 and UI5. I don’t think it has ever worked 100% correctly with ERGY but it was at least showing watts used correctly in ERGY. Though looking at the demand history it looks like it stopped collecting the WATT info from TED about a week ago. Has anyone else had this issue and does anyone know how to correctly set this up to work with ERGY? Seems like ERGY thinks TED is something other than it is and I’m not sure how to change that. It does not show up as a Power Meter, it is shown under watt meters - but now showing at 0 watts.

We have found that the current Vera Ted plugin does not work very well with Ergy. Ergy actually work very well with a number of IP meters. Please look for a minor upgrade soon to Ergy that will auto find various meters on your local network.

Thx Bill

I don’t understand the path being taken here.

a) The CurrentCost, TED and Brultech Plugins all work with Vera’s original Energy management/graphing components.
b) Each of the above plugins correctly records the Wattage, using the standard MiOS Interface.
c) None of them work with the Ergy integration, introduced in UI5.
d) Rather than debug what’s wrong with the Ergy integration, you’re building some new integration… that sounds like it’ll only work with multiply-attached, TCP connected, power meters.

That doesn’t seem particularly logical…

Can you elaborate what debugging your team has performed to address Ergy’s incompatibility with the standard UI5 compatible power monitoring plugins?